This is more about my friend who confessed to me soley that he attempted to kill himself, I just need to get it off of my shoulders, let others know. This kid is my best friend, I consider him a brother. I thought he had it all down from a to z, always had something cool to do. I always feel better when I'm hanging out with him. When he confessed that he tried to OD on various things and tried to hang himself I was shocked and awed. I felt my chest grow cold, and stood speechless.


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Hey just to say hi and welcome to the forum.i hope you will find some people here able to give you some support,advice and friendship and well done for being brave enough to post!!

You sound really caring and i think your friend is lucky to have you there for him.Andi think it saying a lot about your friendship and a lot of positive about you if he finally managed to talk to you about it especially if you were the only one he managed to tell.

i think [its only my opinion] that it is really important this is used as a gateway and now the subject has been broached let him know that you are there for him if he wants to talk again or anything.It is hard.Dont pressure as he will talk more if/when ready and he has just taken one massive step but i do think that it is good to encourage him to tak if and when he wants to and for him to know the door to talk to you is always open and that he can turn to you in times of crisis,hardship or difficulty.

i guess this would have been a shock to you if you really hadnt seen it coming and you had no idea.How are you doing now?Remember you need to look after yourself before you look after anyone else or you wont be able to.If you are really worried about him and/or feel out of your depth it may well be worth your trying to encourage him to seek prefessional help and if he doesnt feel comfortable doing that alone perhaps you could accompany him to the Dr's or something for moral support??i dunno.Thats just a few ideas.But see what you think.

It may also be worth talking to him and discussing who else he could turn to if he ends up in real suicidal crisis one day and you are not available.It might be good maybe for him to have some back up ideas?And even perhaps you could mention this site??[if you are comfortable in doing so]??

id be really happy to talk to you more about this either on this thread or via PM [private messaging] anytime.It would be great to hear from you and im always here for you.i hope your friend gets the help and support he needs.Please do let me/us at SF here know how its going.And well done for being such a good friend!Be proud of yourself.

i wish you both well.

Take care


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Let them know that you love them, and sit them down and explain to them what you would feel like if they were gone. Tell them that they are not alone, and that things are going to be okay.
As far as you go, I think this must be very hard to handle. Remember that they are still alive, and remind yourself that you have done anything and everything you can (and DO those things) because if it is that your friend does die, you cannot blame yourself. Do everything to can.
BTW- please feel better.

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