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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ASkylitDrive, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    Some of my friends know I plan on killing myself on a certain day..<Mod Edit, WildCherry: Countdown>, but is it bad I'm excited about it?
    Its something I've thoroughly planned and thought on. Its like I'm ready for it.
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  2. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

    Babe.. :hug: I love you.

    I really wish you would forget the date and plan all together... I really
    care about you and I know you're stronger than this.. If you want you
    can text or call me, but please.. Don't do this. We're here to help you.
    Let us help hun. :hug:

  3. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    Hun...no! please forget the date...dont make me fly there for that date and hug you all day :)
  4. jxdama

    jxdama Staff Member Safety & Support

    what has brought this on?
  5. MadeOfGlass

    MadeOfGlass Well-Known Member

    Shelbi, please don't do this. You're my older sister, what would I do without you?


    And I'm always going to be here for you if you need me. :hug:
  6. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't bother.
  7. absolution

    absolution Forum Buddy

    Honestly i think you want us to bother hun because you keep saying your date...let us save you sweetie...and im saying this in love because i know you want us to save you :hug: let us save you. *reaches out hand*
  8. twistedwhispers

    twistedwhispers Member & Antiquities Friend

    I second this.

    Hun, I have thought and worried about you all day today.

    I was so afraid something was going to happen.

    Compared to what you've been through, what has happened to me pales
    in comparison. But I know how you are feeling. Not wanting to be here.
    I fight that feeling every day. I have for a long time.

    People here care so much. If there is anything, I mean anything, I can
    do to help, just say the word.

    :heart: :hug: :heart:
  9. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    Can you just do me one last favour and read the following links?

    You are smart enough to get what i am trying to say.



    You can try and push me away all you want. But you know it doesn't work like that.

    I'm not going to throw cliches at you because i know when i am like you are, none of it means anything.

    I just hope when the day arrives, a small amount of doubt about your choice will pop into your head and be enough to keep you holding on for a bit longer.

    You know how i feel about you...
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