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things are changing again.. as i listen to mum tell grandma and grandpa whats been going on. grrr i wish i could understand a bit more of what they're saying but they are speaking in hokkien and not mandarin so i cant understand them... GRRRRRRR

things are gonna change now probably... but for better or worse? wish i knew... :unsure:
I can try interrogate Mum in the car later on the way to piano - but thats only if its only me and Mum in the car. and also no guarantees i'd get anything straight out of her. I know what they're talking about - to an extent. I mean I can get phrases like 'stepping hard on the brakes', 'was being violent', 'is trying to keep me dumb so I cant do anything', etc etc... i mean it HAS to be Dad they're talking about but I cant really ask them.... so its really annoying me. but then what does annoy me is that it is stuff I already know - so why cant she tell me? ugh

oh and :hug: back Joe
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