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    First things first: if you are currently on Wellbutrin and feel absolutely crazy in your head - TALK TO YOUR DOC ABOUT GETTING OFF OF IT!!! I'm not kidding! :stars: This is not the ranting of a nut. (even tho most days I am one!) I don't know what's left in my system, but at this point, who cares?!:yay: Read my past posts and then read this again. See the difference? Current combo of effexor and abilify has given me a totally different outlook. Am I cured? HELL NO! Am I happier AND od with beiong alive? What do you think?:boogie:

    Seriously - think about it, talk about it, ask about it, WHATEVER, but get off of it!

  2. gp22

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    that should be OK not od
  3. max0718

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    Hi gp22,

    Glad to hear you're doing much better on the new med combo! It's always a struggle to find the right combination, but just remember that different people react differently to medication. I know of a friend who uses Wellbutrin, and is doing great on it. But if it doesn't work, I agree that you should let your doctor know immediately and see what else you can try.

    Again, glad to hear the new meds are working!

    All the best,

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