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    First things first: if you are currently on Wellbutrin and feel absolutely crazy in your head - TALK TO YOUR DOC ABOUT GETTING OFF OF IT!!! I'm not kidding!:yay: This is not the ranting of a nut. (even tho most days I am one!) I don't know what's left in my system, but at this point, who cares?! Read my past posts and then read this again. :stars: See the difference? Current combo of effexor and abilify has given me a totally different outlook. Am I cured? HELL NO! Am I happier AND OK with being alive? What do you think?

    Seriously - think about it, talk about it, ask about it, WHATEVER, but get off of it!


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    Um.. I take it you are getting off it or are talking to your doctor about switching medications.

    I know people will react differently to different medications. Maybe when youre feeling a bit better you could write some of the specific symptoms down for us :)

    Hope you are feeling ok
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