Welp, I guess I'm fired now...?

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    Everyone knows about my god damned second fucking job in the god damned night calling and harassing people to solicit their useless opinions on shit. This job was paying me minimum fucking wage for 20 hours a week. I never had an unexcused absence, but let me tell you what the fucks have done to me.

    The last time I worked at this place was a WEEK ago, last Saturday, and before that, was the big snowstorm so no one worked the week before. On that Saturday, I showed up an hour late for the shift, because of unexpected traffic. Who the fuck predicts an HOUR's worth of delays for a trip that normally takes an hour and fifteen minutes anyway. God fucking dammit. So I showed up late, signed in, started working, got the check, as many others did because we usually get checks on Wednesdays instead of Fridays, and there had been no work before that Saturday because of the storm. At the end of every four weeks, we receive evaluations, and if your overall grade is lower than a C, you're terminated, and they're supposed to let you know.

    Well, my evaluation showed that I had a C+. The slaves are evaluated based on four parts: Attendance, Number of completed surveys you make (the average people complete in a shift is four), the quality of the surveys, and the rate of dialing numbers and harassing the shit out of people at 830 at night. So, I got, respectively, a D, D+, B+, and B. Okay. So, I had two excused absences because of shit outside of my fucking control, and I was tardy four or five times by ten minutes or less. They reprimanded me for being 26 seconds late returning from a fucking break. TWENTY-SIX SECONDS! I'VE SHIT TURDS THAT HAVE TAKEN LONGER THAN THAT! Pssssshhh.

    So here's the deal. I looked at the evaluation and was like, okay, I got a C+, I pass, because you need below a C to be terminated.

    Because our work depends on the availability of samples and surveys from companies and agencies that send them to us. Last Saturday, we completed all the samples and the survey we were working on, so there was no more work for us to do. Our supervisors told us that the shift was over because there was nothing else to be done, except for a small number of people who would be briefed on a new survey. When we got a new survey, because there's too many slaves working at this company, they can't brief everyone at the same time, so they start doing "limited shifts" where only a small number come in to be briefed and so on.

    This entire week they've been doing the limited shifts thing, and my ID number has not been called in to work at ALL for the entire damn week, excluding the holiday this past Monday. So I'm wondering whether or not I've been terminated, even though I haven't been told so and haven't received any kind of notice. I just feel as if I've been excluded and it sucks. I feel like I've been fired because of the D's I got, despite the overall grade from my slave evaluation.

    So I don't know, but I was relying on that crap job to pay some of my student loan bills because my income is SHIT and I can't afford it god dammit, and can't defer the payments because they've been deferred long enough. God dammit.

    Yuck I hate this. I wish I had never ruined my life by going to college. This has gotten me NOWHERE.
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    They can't fire you without notice, call them and ask what's going on.
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    Yeah I would call to clerify the situation. Though,.. I've worked through agencies, and it's kinda of the same principle. X amount of jobs and Y amount of people applying. They'll take the best first. Usually the person assigning the work sits behind a computer looking at a spreadsheet of common information on people. Especially being on work on time and all the time. So, they might have you on the lower portion of the list. Depends too on how long youve worked there aswell.

    Is there any other work around? I know work can add or subtract too internal discomfort, and this line of work seems incredibly distastful for you.