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Went ahead and gave my notice today....

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total eclipse

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i hope you then have got a back up plan for finances on how you will pay bills etc or will you be living with someone that can help you.


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Thank you total eclipse.
I'll be okay so long as I can find something within two weeks or so after. I can't say anything to my mom as she would be totally pissed at me for doing that. Hopefully I will be able to start hotel babysitting right away after- atleast that would work as long as it's enough babysitting hours- if nothing else.


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I wish you all the luck in the world. Sometimes just doing what makes you feel good is the most important thing out there!


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Thank you In Limbo, total eclipse, SaraRose, Mr. Alex and IV.
Just hope I don't regret it- if I did it would only be because of a paycheck!
I have 2 interviews today :) Crossing my fingers.


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Thank you total eclipse, IV, lachrymose27, akaangela and SharkDogs :hug:

Haven't heard back from the other person again yet so it ended up being the 1
interview with a nanny agency- had that scheduled before I gave notice.
She was nice they don't have a lot of jobs available though.
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