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I did an application at a temp agency and then toured a manufacturer of tools and was called to do a training shift. I was asked to go in early for third shift and ask for Ivan. I went to the security and they asked if I had id and then I pointed out my passport and they asked do I have a license. I said I did and they wanted me to get it. So I go back in and am scanned through and go into the lunch area with other workers. I had been shown where to clock in on the tour and was told to be there early because getting scanned in and putting up the lunch boxes and jackets and then getting to the floor with fork lifts takes a good fifteen minutes. I told the security I was there with Strataforce and waiting for Ivan. They had given me a guest pass. When I got on the floor next to the clock in part, the manager there said I would be in her section and I asked if I needed to sign in, and she said just in and out with security and asked if I had and I said yes. So I was put to training in a repack section and about an hour later the two managers who had toured me and some other temps asked my first and last name and said they needed to talk to me. They said that security had not signed me in, that I have to wait for the managers to come sign me in or else I am unaccounted for and they do not know where I am. I didn't have any idea I was supposed to wait for these two managers. The security and temp agency had not mentioned it. They started an orientation and gave me a badge and kept leaving and coming back in and asking me about my work history and then finally, one of them was like this is a busy night and said they would walk me to the security to be scanned out. The manager took my visitors pass and badge and said they would call me back in another night. I am so confused and feel like this was so disorganized and the manager who started the so called orientation and then cancelled it a few minutes later acted like he wanted to flirt. I do have to work and don't understand why people are so unprofessional. This was also far from home and required a big commute from me.
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