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    Anyone who would like to attack me further please don't bother. That would prove your true intentions.

    I'll be more than happy to hear anyone's opinion as to our place in the grand scheme of things.

    As a race of humans spawned by natural process, I believe that humans as a species will die well before the world ends. We as a product of natural selection and circumstance should just be gratefull for the short time we have to occupy the earth and stop killing each other on the basis of religion creed or any other prejudice that exists. If we cannot sort out these differences then I don't feel we deserve to be alive. I think of future generations looking back at us (if we get that far) and laughing at how stupid we are for fighting wars due to another group of people killing our saviour. Or fighting wars due to the ownership and profitability of our natural resources. People looking back at laughing at us for bieng so naive to follow our govrnment. We are greater in number than our government. We have the brains to optimise our existence yet we choose to sqwabble over historical mythology as if our lives depended on it. Those people looking at us thinking how backward we were. It makes me sick.

    That was the point of my thread entitled "Rant - Im thru with jesus and religion" Nobody has even touched on that subject. why?

    That seems like a true reflection of our very nature as humans. I too am human but am willing to use my brain in a more radical fashion.

    If nobody wants to discuss these points then I'll be very concerned about how intelligent we are. Maybe Im wrong, but Id love to hear someone convince me otherwise
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    i dont think that wars and violence will ever end. people are too full of themselves and to opinionated to live happily with everyone on earth

    as for the government, there may be more of us but without a government it would be madness.
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    i just want to post a warning that if this thread goes off topic as badly as the last one this will also be closed
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    okies bunny
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    It would be madness. Could you imagine a one world goverment? I think that is what GW Bush wants. They want that and that would be fine if they spread the wealth. But with his public fundamentalist ideas we would have one government, one allowed religion. That bugs me because then the world will be split into Christians and none christians. So in order for one goverment to work for the people, there could be no faith. So then were down to one government and no religion. The world could then focus on people, facts. The government would be charged with the one and only thing that humans need and thats to live in peace and not fear the world because of money. I know a totalitarian government sounds bad and its not perfect but I feel this is the closest we will come to peace. No religion, One government. No competition for who profits, no superiority. I belive as a race we can overcome our differences but the linchpin is religion. Unless anyone else has seen something Ive overlooked.

    See the thing is I need to know of a perfect harmonious existence. I need to have a dream to aspire to, and Im just trying to cut through all the nonsense to get there.
  6. SmilePretty

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    it will be impossible to have only one religion...and i do live in america, and dont like bush very much :/ but i dont think that he is trying to make one government for the whole world
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    The way I see it they are slowly but surely monopolizing the planet. I see the western world as the closest thing to peace available and Im thankfull I was born here and not in the middle east. But as the bodies pile up of anyone who doesn't support what is happening I can't help but question the motives behind everything that happens. I see that. I also see the seeds of hatred bieng sown in the muslim people. they've been flowering for years. Inferiority may be the cause. Every Muslim I see is driven toward overthrowing us. This scares me. Its probably bad judgement on my part, But the very same hatred that has been bread by religion over there seems to be the same way over here. Both sides believe they are justified. We have a martyr in Jesus. They Have a Martyr in every suicide bomber that straps up ready for heaven. This very thought process which exists in all of us as you said earlier will prevent us from getting to where I believe the Human race can go in the short time were here. It scares me. It bothers me that I feel the same hatred and prejudice. I think the true war we should be fighting is the one against our irrational self. Not the one about faith. I lok a little deeper and all I see is dollar signs in our rulers eyes. Also conceipt. I could try and be ignorant toward it, but I think I see deeper and I wouldn't see that if I believed in Jesus, Because I would blame everyone thats not Christian. This way, I blame every religion. Thats the way it is. I feel were all the same on the inside its just how our brains interpret the information that makes us different.
  8. LetItGo

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    This is how I feel about the world atm:

    1) Money - For the all the talk by politicians that everyone is getting richer, there are still well over a billion people on this planet that cant even get clean water to drink. There are millions of refugee's. Sure the West and some developing countries are getting richer, but a massive proportion of people still live in miserable povity

    2) Environment - For what are suppose to be the most intelligent species on earth, humans sure are stupid. Even a bird knows not to shit in its own nest..but humans shit in there own nest day after day. Ive done a bit of research on the environmental problems were facing, and I can tell you that unless we fundamentally flip our society on its head...a century from now where in serious, serious trouble.

    3) Politics - Democracy is dead. You can buy democracy if you have the money. Representative democracy MUST die and it should be replaced by geniune systems of direct democracy. Bringing people back into political life, stopping the almost total disconnect, and stopping cashed up corperations and niche interests to dominate policy outcomes.

    Thats how I feel...I could go on..but its so depressing.

    Id like to encourage anyone interested in politics and the world at large to join the Care2 network. http://www.care2.com.

    Ive been getting more active there lately. signing online petitions, reading all the interesting things people post.

    The only thing I dont like about that site is they dont have a general forum...that site desperately needs a forum..The concept of "groups" leaves me cold, so many inactives.
  9. ACRon

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    I agree with what you said on money and democracy. And yes its highly depressing. I feel the only cure is for the world is the leaders to take a huge step back and review whats important. Priorities are bieng over looked in favour of profit. Future generations will suffer our wrath, the way of mismanagement of our planet is so frustrating to those who care about it. The problem seems so huge I can only dream of where to start. In the meantime I just loathe it. But My life isn't important to my government because I don't support them.
  10. LetItGo

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    How lame is it when you have to pick between some 60 year old, 1950's style corperate puppet named John Howard, and some other has been thats been around the bloke half a dozen times without an original thought ever occuring in his head, called Kim Beazley.

    It gives me one choice, vote for the Green party again, knowing full well they'll never be able to take office. Year on year though there overall vote grows..slowly but surely. If only they'd bring some of there policies closer to the centre, and they promoted there policies more..then things could change.

    Of course Bob Brown would have to quit, because there's far too many mucho idiots in Australia, they would never vote for a gay guy.

    I hate Australian politics...is so damn lame. I have to vote, and there really is nobody worth voting for...This country DESPERATELY needs a strong centre/centre-left party with some real ideas.
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    where would you say aussie politics is right now? is it right wing or nothing? In the UK I think its right wing with the face of centralised democracy. They spout off facts and figures and their research into mending the health service but it seems more important to them to snuggle upto george bush's fascist dream. Thats what I see.

    I dont know a great deal about the green party because the majority drowns them out:mad:
  12. LetItGo

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    Australia is definately in the grip of the right wing atm. Once upon a time you could say the liberal party, John Howards party, was centre / centre-right, but terrorism and economic rationalism has seen them go further and further right.

    Some of there economic policies have been good, some of the rationalisation sensible, but there social policies now are based on fear and division, there economic policies are increasingly in favour of the corperate world, and there environmental policies are outright pathetic and disgraceful.

    Thats where we stand..
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    All I know about the environment is that China are soon to be the worlds biggest producer of poisoness gases due to their new found booming economy. they're building cheap, gas omitting stations that will be treble what the USA is currently producing. They just don't care. Nobody cares. I see it as fighting a lost cause. How depressing. The people just sit and weep as we see the careless destruction of our very life source, just so Joe richkid can heat his outdoor swimming pool in the winter. I have a pretty low opinion of humans, If we all died tomorrow. It would be the best thing that could happen to planet Earth. Sorry but thats my view, I don't wish anyone dead, I just see us as a profligate species
  14. LetItGo

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    The human civilization is really just a speck in this planets history.. When we die the planet will regenerate, and this whole cycle will start again..OR perhaps were smart enough to see the danger, and start seriously putting money into space travel lol...cause I swear we need a new frontier, a new home.

    Also for whats its worth, I can envisage massive numbers of environmental activists getting seriously pissed of in the not too distant future, civil disobedience will be common place.

    I can see armies of activists, were slowly but surely approaching critical mass. In a strange way theres not much else I got to live for..if somebody invited me into some hardcore group id probably join. You ever heard of E.L.F?
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    Not really, Im new to this corruption. Is it some kind of charity to do with the environment?
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    No, tell us about it. :smile:

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    They certainly werent angels thats for sure...but they had a point.

    In the end we know violence, arson and so on only helps the spindoctors distort the reality of why people do such things. So its counterproductive. Problem is the politicians know this, and they know how ineffective traditional methods of protest have become (petitions, writing letters to MP's etc). They constantly brush aside the complaints of there citizens - witness the protests against the Iraq war and the way our political elite cast that aside as some sort of niche interest...there were millions of people on the streets!

    Under a system of direct democracy, I have a feeling the result would have been differant.

    It seems the only way to get heard these days is to have A LOT of money behind you, and pump the media for all its worth. Thats why corperations are so effective at lobbying government.

    All this doesnt do anything to alleviate anyones depression about the state of the world thats for sure.

    I have some optimism though when it comes to the environmental problems we face though, because the sheer numbers of these groups and the numbers of people involved are starting to make up for the deficit in funds that most of them have...(apart from say Greenpeace).
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    Er something strange happened then lol, see the post above
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    Hmmm, I don't quite know what to think about e.l.f.