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  1. fading_dreams

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    so the odds are that we are going to be moving next year... to a new country. i've only lived there when i was small and i don't remember it. i already speak the language, but it's a foreign country! and we're probably moving to a big city and i can be homeschooled, which means i won't get any friends, or i can go to a public school, and i'm going to have to get a job because my family is in debt, and all of us kids will have to get jobs to help pay it off.
    this is so depressing! and i don't want to move. at first my parents said i could stay here and keep going to my old school, but now they told me that we don't have enough money for it.
    and this makes me so unhappy... and right now i'm getting counseling for free, but i'm not gonna find that in the usa. i know i'm not... and this is all really depressing to me.
    i hate this!
  2. The_Discarded

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    That's gotta be tough.

    I move a lot. In and out of the US --mostly in, however. It's stressful enough to move across country, let alone across waters.

    I sincerely hope things work out for you. :hug:
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    it is tough i know. i have moved many times and it is hard. it just plain bites. having to adjust and make new friends was hard. but i did it and it all worked out for a while.
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    i have moved lots of times before as part of my parents jobs. i moved inside the usa, then we moved out of the usa and then in for a bit then out for a long time... and so i've only ever lived in the usa when i was a kid and for a bit in 5th grade. the usa is the foreign country that we're moving to. i mean, it helps to know the language... but i don't know how to live in the usa. not to mention that i'm in high school. my parents gave me the option of homeschooling, but then i won't get to know anyone... yeah.... i was bullied before though, so i'm kind of nervous about going to school there.