we're screwed

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    lets face it, we've lost the battle against suicide...in the uk atleast.

    fuck knows whats happening in Wales but thats fucking suicide central at the moment. suicides making front page news on regular occasions and you know what, thats our fault! we always moan about how suicide needs more awareness, well there you go! now its been glamourised. now everyone wants in on the action.

    whats the point in fighting the very thing thats killing everyone else?

    suicides in, rock on. its the trend of 08 here. lets be cool and follow the fucking trend! its that or we gotta beat up some innocent kid and stick it on youtube. i know what i'd rather do.

    its either that or sit here suffering silently for the rest of my life.

    lifes just life...

    "Say no no no to a natural death, I'd rather give my life to god as man"