were they hallucinations?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by liam, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. liam

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    I've had this thing that have troubled my mind for years and years.

    It all started when I was about ten, being bored in a Maths class I gazed out through the window, with an oddly blank, emotionless mind my unfocused gaze froze on this little hill beyond the playgrounds. Then I sort of "saw" this little scene in my head, I was crossing some kind of white landscape and one of the other kids in my class came up shouting "we've found his skin! we've found his skin!". Then I suddenly got back in the classroom again. At the time, the whole thing appeared just as weird and incoherent to me, as it must be to any of you who read this. So I dismissed it as another day dream and decided not to think about it.

    The following winter, all the kids in school were up at that hill playing in the snow with their plastic sledges and snow racers and stuff. I was all alone walking in the snow on the backside of the hill, about to cross it, when exactly the same thing as I saw months ago in the classroom happened.
    The kid from my class comes up shouting "we've found his skin" in the exactly same way, every single movement is the same. I was in a state of total confusion, thinking "oh no this is not happening?!"..
    What I didn't know back in the classroom was that there were going to be an accident that winter, where one poor little kid got his head scraped up while riding his sledge, and my classmate showed up to tell everybody that he found some of the kid's skin on the ground. (The accident wasn't very severe and the kid healed without any chronical damages.)

    These "future trips" were repeating themselves several times until I was about 13.
    Some "facts" I've found out about the whole thing:

    -it tend to happen when I have a total blank mind and my gaze is unfocused.
    -the place, to which my eyes are fixed while "seeing into future", is the place where I will stand when the actual event is happening.
    -the "future scenes" include sight and sound, but never the thoughts or connections. they are always short, incoherent, and difficult to understand.
    -the period between the "future trip" and the actual event happening is long, often several weeks or months. the shortest period was one week.

    I've never managed to figure out how this was possible. I have developed into a rather down-to-earth kind of person and don't believe in any God, pre-determinded fates, life after death and so on whatsoever. (Although I was very fascinated with magic as a kid.) But I can't find any logic explanation.
    Have any of you ever heard about something like this before?
    Could it be some kind of hallucination?
    All of this happened before I got my actual depression and ED. Those are also the only diagnoses I've had but then again my therapists were never some to trust, and I never told them about this, nor about the hallucinations I've had occasionally during the last 3-4 years..

    (man. I can sense someone staring at me from the corner of my eye.
    but I can't look there. I'm so freaking scared right now.
    I wont sleep well tonight, that's for sure.)
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    i have this all the time. i've come to not be so unsurprised when it happens. loads of people have called me psychic in the past, sometimes it isn't as concrete as what you're saying. i'm just writing something down or i'm experiencing something, and a few hours later, 'something happens.' and i think, 'why are you surprised this has happened so often before?'

    i went to an art degree show today and saw a film about dreams/coincidences/deja vu/have a soulmate or are very spiritually tied to someone, and a researcher was saying a lot of nomadic tribal people or people who 'are open' have experiences like yours a lot, so often it's normal..

    i personally know when i'm 'closed'.

    i don't think you're crazy :hug: i believe what you're saying
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    I have done it. Nothing so specific as what you're saying, but one time I was reading an EULA for... Doom 3 I believe... and I saw the words as they appeared on the NEXT PAGE. I looked for an explanation and I could find none... The world is wacky. This thread is going to make me crazy with the associated philosophy.
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