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What’s Your Theory

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“Do you think he was powerless to the grip of circumstances, or could he have helped himself?”

so the movie is asking about a book specifically. I’ve never read it, but what are we do you think? Victims of circumstances or can we still help ourselves?

Not to leave a question unanswered I’d say I’m divided. I think our circumstances predispose us to a certain fate but nothing is certain unless we let it be, at least in terms of our actions.

(movie is The Ordinary People)


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This is how I see it. There are things about me I cannot change. There are things in my life I cannot change. Those things are what they are. It doesn't render me powerless. While there are things I do not have control over, and things I cannot change, there are things I can.

I cannot change the way my brain is wired. I cannot change the things that happened to me in the past. I cannot change the behaviors of my biological family. I can choose to do things to improve my quality of life. I can choose to limit my time with people who treat me like dirt. I'm not powerless, I'm just not not all powerful.
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