What a bitch

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    You know when someone is doing it for the sake of it when certain things happen, and all fucking of them have happened to her.

    I mean when you get dumped, it doesn't take you 6 hours to be going out with another person unless you was dumping them for someone else, and she was the one being dumped.

    Secondly you don't lie and lie, then lie again to try get yourself out of a hole. then after all of it turn round and say you only did it cause your 'Pregnant' and you were protecting yourself.

    Also when you have lost all your friends you don't write its your fault letters to one person and sorry to all the rest you fucking heartless bitch. I hope it kills you, I know its there and you don't. I hope it kills that bastard too.

    Oh and that teddy, yeah one of my ex's gave me it, It seemed fitting really from one cold bitch given to a heartless piece of shit like you. You never took enough and you always told people what you had done... ATTENTION SEEKER or what?

    I mean come on, I bet you messured what you took and everything, I swear if I met you tomorrow I'd kill you...
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    :hug: :hug:

    here for you if you want to talk xxxx
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    I know, Thank you :hug: