what a bummer!

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    I am over 40 years old. every time there was frustration in my life I just tried to not lose hope BUT I have realized ultimate reality that this world sucks for sure. Every single person should be gone and human beings should be perished.
    otherwise, the world would become just worse time after time.no meaning to live in this shitty universe.
    please never talk about love which does not really exist anyways. The funny thing is we would not be able to know what this universe was made for even after death. what a bummer!
  2. Petal

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    Welcome to the forum...what you have posted is thought provoking for sure, I do hope though that you will get some support from this forum. :)
  3. total eclipse

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    No one can see future but i do know there is a lot of good in the world just people don't tend to see that they always show the negatives
    Many who reach out and help others that do care Ihope you continue to reach out here hugs
  4. DrownedFishOnFire

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    How you know love doesnt exisit? Its your life experience that it doesnt exisit but for others they found that and it does exisit to them its real to them. And another thing. If love didnt exist then the concept or the word LOVE itself wouldnt have existed in the first place for you to disclaim Iit in first place. To disclaim it is to acknowledge of its existence.

    What will come atfer death is a great mystery and I know I am ready when it comes for me to exit the stage. I am not afraid of it . Ill meet death with open arms and embrace it. Im not a coward and I dont need to wonder about what happens because whats the point of being afraid? We all die eventually.