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what a day so far!

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it's been awfull..

firsto f all, my computer's been the most anoying thing ever- i've only just managed to get it to load (after like 2 hours?). this afternoon, i'm having it seen too- i think there's more to it than meets the eye

realised i was out of apple juice- that just sent me over the top (apple juice is 1 of my fave drinks!)

also been very up and down with the emotions (which is killing me!). a friend of mine is meant to be sending me something today (and i was really excited about it this morning) almost extatic but that didon't last long..

anyway, today's 1 of those days i want to scream- and i litirally have at least twice today

i was actually meant to be helping someone make a birthday cake yesterday- but things fell through and i was just not up to it


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the problem with bad times is they make the good times invisible..try and see through the cloud and maybe there was a good minute or two today.

tomorrow is another day...and we are always here

:hug: i love em
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