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    I feel really drained of living in such live. What I am today very much cause by my parents. Even now they try to treat me like a parents with abundance of love never shown before but its too late,I just cant forgive them. I had grown up and there is just no way for my scar to heal, if I could ever live a different life last time, I would be so much a better person today. My parents work 12 hours a day,that explain pretty much. They use bad names on me, always tell story of my weakness to my relative,never comfort me when I am sad,brother curse me with bad name and all my mother say is don't care of him,cut it short,I am never happy with all my family members.There’s a period my brother turn real ruthless,my parents give him everything and had abandon me,my brother get all entertainment and gave him everything and left me nothing.My parents never guide me when I am growing up,never teach me anything during my adolescence period , they just did not act as parents or be more precise,they show no parental guidance at all.I really feel I had no one to rely on now!
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    I am sorry it has been so difficult for you. Sometimes things simply are not shared equally or fairly. At some point more consideration needs to be given to what can be done now as opposed to what was done before. They may not have treated you or still do not treat you as they should but that does not mean that you can't make sure to treat yourself better and look out for your interests if nobody else will.

    Take Care and Be Safe

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    Hun forgiveness is not necessary really but you have to move on with Your life ok they are trying to perhaps undue the harm done and itis you that can heal yourself hun now by letting go of the pain inside and start to live for today and for tomorrow hugs