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what a mess

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I drove my car into a tree 3 months ago,
this all cause my girlfriend left me....together with a <edited methods> which comletely confused me,

now I lost my drivers licence,
am home on wellfare,
mutilated my body,

do not know how to life any more
what to do to regain life....
or just to end it now
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i really dont know what to say. You need some support in this its very hard to come out of it alone. What alot to go through in such a short time. Im sorry i cant be of more use but i just wanted you to know that there is someone listening *giant hug*
hi zebass,

you could possibly see this failed suicide attempt as a chance to prove yourself with a new beginning. without any past love thoughts, or your situation now... change something as long you can it!

life can be sometimes very tough...and brutal, but when you live, there are always unbelievably many chances to survive in a better newer way... mhm.

What are your dreams? where you want to be? what are your aims?



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There must be a million scarred trees and just as many cars written off - all for love!

Seriously, you are not the first man to get drunk and lose the plot over a women. Some men drive the car fast, other crash it, some do extreme things, as seen with police, camera, action type shows.

Friend of mine once got drunk and ended up on a ledge of some hotel.

When I was young we used to risk death to show off to the girls - many a young lad has donated his body organs after some daring display of alpha male mating rituals on a motorbike or in the fast car.

I make light of it - but we're all in the club so I'd say men wanting to commit suicide over a woman is as common as men supporting a football team. Of course most men don't commit suicide, and 99% would deny ever thinking about it - but when a man loses someone he loves - it's not unusual for him to entertain those thoughts.

IF you are a bit depressed also - that will double the deal - twice the pain, maybe a lot more than twice as if you ruminate over a broken romance, your reliving a pain that serves no purpose. We cannot become immune from loves fallout - we just have to deal with it if it happens.

If you cannot gradually forget about her - or him, you might be depressed. Trouble is, you have to endure some lows after losing a lover. It can be hard to tell because there are natural states of depression which we need to go through.

Anyhow, right now you have lost your driving license - but how long for? I'm sure its not forever. I'm thinking a bicycle which will help you get about a bit - and keep you fit.

You have some injuries on your body - but apart from that, how are you as regards physical shape in general? The shock of the accident and your low state of mind can be remedied if you get back into physical shape, heal the body and mind quite a bit.

The main this is you lost this women - therein lies your reason for trying to die - but at some point, you'll feel a bit better and you'll spot some other woman - you think you never will - but 2 months is enough to accept that you have to move on now.

Choose more carefully next time. Learn your lessons from the women who affected you so much and don't go for someone who is just like her. You've changed yourself - nobody goes what you went through without learning something - gaining another insight into that puzzle that seems to be our own selves.

I wish you well for the future and hope you can at least use your time on welfare to perhaps pick up on some education or something. Don't be ashamed to be on welfare - this is our right.

Good luck and hope you can put this behind you.

We live and learn brother.
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