what a night, not looking forward appt

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God what a night, I decided to get out for a late night walk. I havent been outta the house in quite a while. I had walked a distance from home when a police car pulled up, basically I was forced to get in and they drove me back home. Then at 1.20am someone tried to get into my sleepout, making a lot of noise with the security door only a few feet from my bedroom window. So I had to call police, who happened to be in the area with a dog, cos they turned up so fast, I thought it was whoever had tried to get into the sleepout and rang the police back in a panic. the dog didnt pick up anything which was real weird. I know what I heard, strange though this has happened before and it is always the same night of the week and the same time of night. The earlier occasions I was suspicious it was my ex, whom I have a protection order against. Also the amount of noise and how it was done was as if the person was trying to wake and frighten me rather than try to break in, as I'm sure if you're trying to break in you would do so as quietly as possible? this morning I have an appt with my social worker which Im not looking forward to, and I dont think I cant talk.


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Scary. :( Wish that hadn't happened to you, but I'm glad you're safe. I go out for late night walks too when I haven't been outside for a while. Anyways, I hope your appointment goes well! :hugtackles:

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hun you talk okay you let out all that is built up inside you hun all the fear okay
i am glad the police came hun and checked out the area for you hugs
My appt was another waste of time. She doesnt help or suggest anything, just a lot of silence, so I asked to go early. She wants me to see my doctor about my ongoing pain and symptoms from my accident but I cant afford it, she keeps talking about me making a deal with the medical centre not to pay or pay part, yeah right, when my son couldnt pay they refused to see him.
I'm already at rock bottom but I feel myself slipping. The mental health unit was supposed to be helping me and I'm getting nothing from it. I got more when I saw a counsellor at the hospital but they only deal with minor to moderate and this time I have been referred to this one because I'm now severe, so why arent they helping me?


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I get to deal with one of those appts today too. I think you should tell your social worker that you would prefer some advice on top of just having them listen to you about your problems. If I couldn't get some good advice when I went, I wouldn't waste my time going. :(
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