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what a weekend- i'm so glad it's over!

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phew.. i'm so glad this weekend is over- i swear it's been 1 of the worst for ages (for me anyway)

all started saturday morning, i woke up to find someone else was trying to unsubscribe me from important newsletters using my email address in sted of their's and that was soooo anoying. then got anoyed at the fact that my cd rack where all my cd's are stored is collapsed, and cds went everywhere- gave me another reason to scream!

in the afternoon, had a really nasty conversation- really made me feel terrible and really suicidal afterwards- i told someone else about it who and they told me to calm down and stuff which totally anoyed me- here i am at breaking point, and someone is telling me to calm down- they don't even wanna know what's going on?. fine... that shows support

saturday evening was actually okay, despite the fact my food ended from the pizza takeaway ended up not coming until really late, plus the fact it was cold... i still ate it though- could have easily warmed it up, but to be honest- i payed for it so it's not really my job.

today's just gone from bad to worse. lost loads of files on my computer (because guess what?) still does not work

this afternoon i tried to get in to sf chat, it was only after the third time i thought i was becoming an anoyance just going in and out- and anyway my internet was crashing as soon as i entered the chat room... and that just through me over the edge- i wanted to chat with someone who was there, but couldn't- because my internet was being a pain

and then this evening, i finally managed to log in to my facebook acount... for weeks now, it said i didon't belong to any groups, and tonight i saw 3 of them i belonged to just like that on the screen.. i thought as i was planning on deleting my fb acount anyway, i'll leave those groups. well guess what?. when i clicked on the leave group link, it wouldn't work. apparently, i was never a member of them to start with... though i can post to the wall and everything!. facebook needs to go die!. if it can't do what i want it to do, then their's something seriously wrong..

anyway, that's my weekend- i'm glad it's over... or am i?

going back to the drawing board tomorrow for another week- how exciting!
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