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What a young girl dreams

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My dreams sometimes scare me. I either remember something bad about all of them, or I don't remember anything about them at all. I tend to dream now about my big lie (I posted in another forum) which I hate, because it seems like its taking over my life now. Or I dream about my mother passing.

I tend to dream about being in hell. I remember one dream with these little...yes this is weird but Charlie brown and his blue blankey buddy there with x's for eyes jumping up and down on a little platform on top of lava. Yeah, I don't know how I dreamed of that, but anyways I remember just sinking into the lava, hard to breathe, but the more I sink in the easier it is for me to breathe. In that dream I kept falling from the sky countless times, only to drown.

I dream about the death of myself sometimes, and its the same in everyone. I dream sometimes about the devil, or about the death or someone important to me. Or I dream about nothing. I get a lot of Deja vu, but for a lot of dreams I can't remeber it. I only remember darkness, and I always had a feeling I had a bad dream.
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