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What addictions have you picked up while being depressed?

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I have done a lot more gaming in the past few years... but I don't think that has to do with my depression. I think my addictions that come directly from my depression are... Energy drinks/ caffeine (I need the extra caffeine because I tend to not sleep) Internet and It was smoking but I stopped doing that.


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Video games and pornography
same. the porn is probly linked to my inability to have relationships with other people. So its really the only time i see someone i'd like, naked(keep in mind that sex in a relationship is only a small piece of it).

Anything that helps me escape really. Ive also picked up smoking recently, but that's a form of self harm(in a strange way, I hope I get cancer. that way i wont be directly attemptig suicide).

I used ot have a caffiene addiction to pepsi max. but it got to the point where i was going through 24 cans of it a day and was equating to nearly a pack of cigs a day. so now I buy bottles of pepsi max(the cheaper version) and mix it with milk. Or I just buy a gallon of orange juice and drink that(its actually really cheap as well).

EDIT: oh and just my computer in general. I can hide in it.


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Smoking cigarettes and drinking lots of caffeine. I used to drink alcohol quite a bit but not anymore. I tend not to eat very much when I'm depressed which is odd. I've lost a lot of weight over the past 7 months.

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My computer... Well, since being as bad as it's gotten the past few years. I didn't used to stay on this long, now, I'm on all day some times. Also, pain killers, night time cough syrup, and binge eating.

And caffeine, too.


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Over past 10 years, energy drinks, binge eating, computer, street racing, smoking, speed :stars:, drink, gaming, work, Tv, women of the night. At present, women of the night and starting to hit gaming and high octane brooze again:dry:


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Think the Internet is the only new addiction, also think that being in this long term state has made most of my previous addictions a bit worse...coffee, smoking and if it's an addiction, loneliness.:dry: The Internet though may have started a semi-new addiction, not eating, have always been somewhat on the skinny side but being on the 'net for some strange reason curbs any hunger pangs I may have, now I've gotten ultra skinny, doesn't make a lot of sense.:zombie:
Smoking cigarettes and drinking lots of caffeine. I used to drink alcohol quite a bit but not anymore. I tend not to eat very much when I'm depressed which is odd. I've lost a lot of weight over the past 7 months.
I tend to eat more when depressed. I wish i ate less food, cause it start to add up.


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video games, porn, chocolate, I actually like to eat a lot when depressed but Im so fucking cripplingly depressed that I cant even fix my own food so I rather starve.

oh yea fuck life....

am i allowed to say fuck life on this forum? :hazel:
Typically I drown myself in video games so I can anesthetize myself from being horrible. At college I couldn't play video games as much and I felt really lonely. To cope with my social anxiety I started drinking. Also, despite my average build I overeat eat to get that dopamine rush.
Movies, reality tv. Painkillers when I can get them. Sometimes I binge eat, other times not at all. Same with sleep. I can sleep 12 hours a day, or stay up for two.
Eating more
vidya games for a while, not too much nowadays
Maryjane and other miscellaneous things. I've taken a liking to lsd especially over the last couple months
Drinking, notoften though
cigs... bleh
and not giving a good god damn! Ifthat's an addiction :)
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