what am i doing wrong?

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    Well, most of the time I feel like girls in my school, outside, anywhere, just don't notice me. Few months ago, when I was still a smoker, every now and then some girl approached me, asking me for a ciggarete or a lighter. Now, when I quit smoking, I just feel like I don't exist around them. Even in my class, girls talk to boys, hug them, joke around and simmilar. Even with those guys who I considered losers or no-lifers. I just feel outcasted. I don't even know what to talk about with girls. I mean, I can start a conversation but after a couple of sentences it will get weird, cause that ankward silence occurs. I don't know, I just never had luck with the girls. Can you give me some tips, how to become more interesting for them? I just feel weird and I'm afraid I'll end up being alone.

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    Hi, welcome to the forums, I'm a girl so hopefully I might be able to help you..

    Just be yourself, don't try to act cool or anything. If she likes you, she will like you for who you are,not who you're pretending to be.

    Make her laugh, girls love funny guys, joke around with her :)

    Be affectionate, look into her eyes when you're talking to her, direct contact. Maybe even give her a hug :p
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    Thanks for those tips, but I knew all of that. About the hug thing, I'm always worried that I may look like a perv or a weirdo if I hug some girl, I'm afraid of how she would react. I mean, I would probably get that "wtf" look from her.
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    People are atracted to strong charakters.
    I know you don't feel like that at the moment but you also have one. Everyone does!
    You jut have to let it out.
    I'm of the opinion that you don't even have to be a nice person to gain friends...people tell me I come up arrogant, that I'm too rude and not a good person at all...bt no one seems to stir...
    Just be somebody...In the best case be who you are.
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    Thanks for the answer.