What am I supposed to do?

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    No amount of medication or therapy is going to change who I am and that I can't stand the society that exists today. The way it is selfish and greedy and how no one thinks about how their actions impact others. The fucking sense of entitlement and how if they pay for something they can do whatever they want. The complete lack of responsibility and how they've completely fucked up the meaning of equality.

    I really can't work because the mere thought of dealing with everyday people makes me anxious. I have no motivation and I have no idea what I even enjoy anymore.

    I just don't want to be alive anymore.

    I wish it was easier to kill myself. Then I'd have no hesitation.
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    I think we each have to find our corner of society...yes, there are many very disturbed parts, but there are also some truly remarkable ones as well...when feeling depressed, I think our perceptions are skewed...so unfair that we also have to see the big picture in this way too...I hope you find more compassionate company here