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What are some material good/s you want?

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If you don't mind, I'd like you guys to list something/s that you would love to have if you had all the money in the world and something/s you'd like that you can actually afford.

I myself absolutely love computers and videogames to death, especially laptops and small laptops at that. Right now, if I could have anything barring cost, I would love to have a totally tricked out home theater room, surround sound, enormous screen, all the videogames consoles and games, and lots of desktop and laptop computers, like some creepy museum or library of videogames and computers or something all in one large room to rot out my eyes on. :biggrin:

Now for something I can actually AFFORD, I'd like to have an ultraportable, tiny laptop.....just one. : )
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I dont really want anything much, apart from a phone with buttons that work lol. An electric guitar would be nice too... but my acoustic is pretty decent anyway. Other than that I dont really want that much else... I'm happy enough. hehe



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A little car would be marvellous. That would give me independence since I refuse to travel by any form of public transport. And a new chest of drawers because my current one is literally falling to pieces.
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