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Ideas & Opinions What are some unanswerable questions that bother you?


Race towards an early grave
SF Supporter
For me it's stuff like this:

What happens if we live for all eternity? I mean after we die. What is an eternity actually like?

What is non-existence like?

Where did the universe come from?

Where does the universe end?

When did time begin, and where does it end?

How did we get here in the first place?

How do we know this is all real?

Maybe I'm just weird, but I was wondering if anyone else has any questions that they don't really know the answers to and it bothers them.


Of dust and shadows
SF Creative
SF Supporter
Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?

How far up do bald people go when they wash their face?

If a baby’s butt pops out of its mother at 11:59 PM, and the head comes out at 12:01 AM, what day will the baby be declared to be born on?

Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Why is the objective of golf to play the least amount of golf?

Isn’t the word ‘queue’ just the letter Q followed by four silent letters?


SF Supporter
God I would love that with my issues I have said to mum if we did win lottery I would not care the outcome and what I look like I would buy a house and have the cash to live without having to worry about going out or being seen and not want for anything

also to not have to worry about putting money each day into are prepayment gas meter each day would be amazing


Antiquitie's Friend
Why do cats think they can get away with behaving any way they want? They're very little creatures and I'm a much bigger and far more dangerous creature, yet they can nick my food, scratch my furniture, leap into my favourite seat just before I sit down, break wind on my lap and poke me in the face with their paws all without a care in the world. I thought evolution was meant to stop animals behaving like that?

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