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What are the best kind of jobs for people diagnosed with Depression?

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So, i'm job-hunting.. but i'm not sure what i can do. I definitely come across as anti-social and therefore awkward. I'm not very talented nor am I very smart either. And i'm always looking depressed... but I am depressed and i hate to say that its not going anywhere. Can't fight it anymore so i'm just going to deal with it. I feel scared to work somehow... since I don't have much skills. I guess I can be a little anxious/scared... and avoidant for sure.

Question is what type of jobs can someone diagnosed with depression do? Or, what are the best type of jobs for persons suffering from depression?


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Is there a dept of rehabilitation in your state? If not, you may want to look into employment with Goodwill Industries. You may want to start with a part time job that will help you adjust to working and to test your stamina.


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Lach Sorry I forget where you are from. :doh:

If it is UK, check this site out.. http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/

Basically it is an apprenticeship site ran by the government. (Government I know, but this does actually seem like one the better things they have set up :laugh: ).
They have a lot of different roles that you can apply for and at the end of the day. You are being taught (and getting payed), how to do the job so not much is as expected from you at the start except for the willingness to learn and you are also working towards a recognized qualification and not just a wage.

There is also this site that you can arrange a meeting with a Disability Employment Adviser if you feel it could be helpful. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeople/Employmentsupport/LookingForWork/DG_4000324

If you are not in the UK (sorry again ><), it might be worth checking out if any similar services are available to you where you are.

Best of luck! :hug:

EDIT: And I just read you are in NY :doh: , Still have a look or someone else here might know and tell you if there is anything similar there.
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i was thinking along the lines of mortician/embalmer or caretaker. as little social interaction as possible would be nice. each day i feel less and less like interacting with people. i don't think i had this feeling before...

anyway, thanks for responses.


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I would be fine with doing online surveys all day, LOL. Sounds lame but that's me :laugh:. Also things like Data Entry seem fairly laid back.

A lot of night jobs are very quiet, depending on what job you choose. But working at night mightn't be great for the depression(I don't really know, I seem better at night - more peaceful).
honestly for a depressed person... you should get a social job... like retail or something thar forces you to interact. It's a pain in the ass, yes but i admit it does help.

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I must say that I agree with sinnssykdom. I don't think you'll agree but I do think that a job with some social interaction is best for someone with depression. I have chronic depression and work in care (part time, I'm also a student). Work completely takes my mind off things, and it gives me the opportunity to focus on helping people.

As dessy said, a job in admin or librarian would be good; not a lot of social interaction, but not completely alone all day. Or you could become a PA; if you find the right employer to work with, it can be a very enjoyable job and doesn't involve too much social interaction, except with your boss (which is why the right match is important).

Ultimately, I don't think there are particular jobs suitable for sufferers of depression, as we all function at different levels. It's all about what you feel comfortable and safe with, and it may take a few attempts before you find your perfect job. Good luck.



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hello , i dont think there is a job good for depression either, unless its wine tester or artist but those r not actual jobs.
I think best job is one thet ashures u a normal connection with the surrounding world withouth overloading you. Id go for a similar job if i where u, maybe more work , and accept its not the job but the lack of other healthy significan bonds thet makes the job unbearable. U go for a embalming job after ur mentall issuess stripped u off all humanity but it wont solve ur depression.


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I wish I could find a job working in some capacity with animals, because I feel much more comfortable around animals than I do with humans. The less contact I have with people, the better I feel, so that would be great for my depression.


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Another good suggestion. I worked in a library before when i was still in school. Never thought of it being a career though.
Guess I should of said a legal library-self help center, its more than just putting book on shelves and that sort of thing. I help Pro-Se litigants, which can be rewarding, example, I helped someone find the paperwork to stop thier foreclosure on his house.

I do Order of Protections on a daily basis, so to be able to help someone get out of a abuse situation is also rewarding to me.

Just an idea


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I've recently started a job where I do a lot of programming and computational work. It surprised me so much how well this is workign for my social anxiety. I can just put my earbuds in and code all day long. My computer is kind of a "safe zone" because it's hard to really break anything and its pretty private (I used to work in a bio lab, and it was very anxiety inducing because I felt like everyone was watchign me screw up and break things). So I dont know if you'r einto computers at all.. but I kind of stumbled into this job and it's pretty perfect for me


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I took a course in programming before but too dumb to understand it oo .. I only know html and css sadly. I don't know.. Still trying to see what i can do oO
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