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What are u glad about today?

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I believe that every day,despite how your day went, there's always something you can find to be glad about .

Today I am glad that:

My friend shopped for me because I'm sick.
My skin is starting to clear up.

So,what are u glad about today?
I hope some of you can feel better about life with this philosophy.'
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I'm glad to be basking in the afterglow of Sunday's experience. And I'm glad to have had my faith reaffirmed in a truly magnificent group of people.


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I'm glad i managed to go out town for a few hours, it's not much but i hate going out with all those people, i haven't been going out much.


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nothing much
or maybe that I am on my own at last and dont have to worry about putting on a public face
i brushed my teeth!


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I'm glad:
1) i finished a website design for a friend
2) i am going on a vacation tomorrow
3) for this cup of coffee in front of me
4) there are forums like this where people listen


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I'm glad I went to the city last night for the ball game. I had a great time even thou the weather wasnt super.
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