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What are we fighting for?

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I have read tht so many times trying to think of a reason for the future although to no avail. However, mine used to be a very close friend


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It used to be to see my favorite band. I thought if I just hold on, I would see them and that it could be a pick me up. I have no idea what I'm fighting for now.


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its in human nature to survive, so we keep going. keep going to see what happens next, keep going no matter how bad thing get. nothing is stronger than the will to survive.
a good friend once said to me. ''ill die before i kill myself''.
this ''fight'', its called life, and when your up against the world,
your gonna need all the help you can get....especaily you.


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especaily yourself i ment to say* gee that sounded mean my bad.
by that i mean help yourself survive, you know join the fight.


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mines to feel and be free as who I am, regardless of what people think. And maybe to be able to share and give something back... Infact id love that. To experience new things without feeling like a restricted person inside, and out.
Everything thought and feeling that combines to make me believe that I should not be here is cause enough for me to fight for myself. It just gets very.. difficult sometimes. But yeah. Just to be me, and to be happy, with wahtever happyness is for me at that time. I suppose it's, to grow.
For me, at least right now, it's curiosity. While I do have the feeling that things won't magically get better, there's still the hope that something random will happen and lead down a path of interesting events. I figure I'll still have the option of ending things a week(month, year...) later and it won't make any difference to me after that.


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For me it's to prove to myself that I can, which sounds odd. To show that after years of mental hell, that we have become resillient and that's why I push on.
A mixture I guess - fighting for myself and fighting for others to have a better life.

This gives a lot for people to fight for.

At the very least, standing up for yourself, you empower yourself and others.

Standing up for others, fighting for a world free of war and poverty.

Maybe one day every life will matter.

If not, it likely won't matter as we or our future relatives won't be here to know about it one way or the other.


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For my grandaughter.. She saw her uncle dave die and at the viewing she broke down and took it hard.. I can't do that to her..I'll die of natural causes in a few years anyhow..I've been smoking for forty two years and have problems breathing so I look forward to that..At least she won't know I tried..


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Right now I'm finding nothing... I could say my daughter or girlfriend but... I am convinced they would be better off without me. So... really I have nothing to fight for I guess.

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Obligation to myself to attempt all avenues of potential recovery before doing anything. After I've done that... we'll see. No impulse action. Not allowed. :unsure:
im still alive for stupid, selfish reasons.

what is there left to fight for? i don't even take my own advice but think of the person closest to you in life and what they would do to prevent you from going through with it if they thought they you were going to committ suicide. think of how much they still want you here
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