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what are you playing right now?

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Yes its another videogame thread. I know... Crazy coming from me.

Anyways the point of this thread is to post what game you are playing and if you need an online partner for it. It could help us get to know the fellow gamers and what not.

Anyways right now I'm not playing anything. But will be in a couple hours and will see if anybody wants to join in.


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PC or console? On PC I am playing Heroes of might and magic 6y, awesome graphics and an improvement on the last one. Soon I will be playing Skyrim, but that has no co-op. Im a bit of a noob when it comes to online games, as I have been internetless for pretty much ever, only got my DSl now. You know you want battlefield 3!

Mr Stewart

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Dark Souls. Game stresses me out. Looking forward to Skyrim next month. Maybe Batman this week. I don't usually play multiplayer (I keep weird and unpredictable hours).
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