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What are you wearing?

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I am really bored. :( What are you wearing?

I'm wearing a long sleeved back shirt, black jeans and odd socks (one purple/black stripes, other orange/black stripes). I've also got my MP3 player hanging around my neck but I doubt that counts. :rolleyes:


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I'm wearing a...

Long-Sleeve Black T-Shirt, Short-Sleeve White T-Shirt on-top, Black Nike Shorts, Dark "Baggy" Jeans ontop and White Socks... Planning on putting my Black Jumper (Top/Sweater/Swear-Shirt for the Americans) on soon.

(The reason why i'm wearing Shorts and Jeans is that... I'm cold! :blink:)


Black jeans, not tight but not loose either. Black suit shirt half buttoned with a The Cramps shirt underneath and a strong green long 17th century Victorian style coat, socks, hairspray and green leopard print creepers... detailed?

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Jeans, pullover sweater, white t-shirt, white socks, dunno what you call 'em slip on shoes that have rubber soles. Kinda like a cross between sneakers and shoes.

Oh, and my Boston Red Sox "World Series Champtions 2004" hat. Can't forget that. :smile:

Rainbow striped hat! :ohmy: ya makine me jealous now lol urgh you have trousers on, so ya can't show off ya pale bun :tongue: *hides from Mal's powers* :hiding:
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