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What are your Dreams/Aspirations?

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OK so i have just recently gotten my license to drive back after losing it for the past 3yrs. I am also in the process of getting a second job, and things are looking good, however through all my fortune i have realized the main thing that kept me here and alive for sooo long. Quite simply it was my dreams and aspirations while at the time they seemed unreal and far fetched i am only now realizing that no matter how far fetched they seem dreams and aspirations are needed and help a lot more than you may think, they give you something to look forward to something to strive for. So my question is simply this What are your dreams/aspirations? what is is you want/wanted most in life what did/do you strive for? Why do you strive for this and what do you need to do in order to make it happen?


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I have quite a few.......... mainly I want to be with someone - I have been single for 5 years and sometimes it really gets to me and I feel totally unattractive. Most of the men I know are all friends - they all want to be my friend but no one wants to go that step further, kills my self confidence.

The other is to get somewhere with my horse - I have just had him gifted to me, I had him on loan before that and he has a few issues (to say the least!) but finally after 32 years waiting I have my own horse, totally mine. All the better because he has been given for the right reasons - not because I could pay silly money for him 'cos there's just no way I could have bought him, but rather his old owner said that she would rather someone like me had him for free and she would know that I love him just because he is and not because he's supposed to be worth a lot of money and has good breeding. I don't care about that - he could have a wooden leg and be totally useless and I'd still love him because I've built up a relationship with him and he's my best friend. I have self confidence issues which show through in my riding and sometimes I let him down I think and feel like we could have done so much better if I had not been such a wimp! My dream is to lose this anxiety I feel about stuff like this, and give him a proper chance.

And my biggest one is to never ever let things get so bad again that I contemplate taking my own life - to read and heed the signs and to act upon them before I get swallowed by them again. That's why I'm on here ~ because I feel myself going downhill again and need some support and understanding ~ thank you all for that - it's helping.


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Sometimes, when I have felt that I have lost my dreams and my faith, my dreams were to have them back again...maybe those are dreams that can substitute for others until you can reclaim something..and my current dream is to walk again and to dance...I used to be a dancer, and I want more than I can express, to dance once more...J
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