What are your methods for coping?

Discussion in 'Strategies for Success' started by Noir, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Hey guys! For once, I just wanted to try and post something a little more positive when it comes to the topic of suicide. Just like many of you on here, I have been suffering with depression, I have been suffering for 5-7 years now? However, nowadays, I've learnt how to cope and I feel that despite feeling so damn shitty here and there in my daily life, compared to before I'm a lot better and actually made it into University after so much struggle. But anyway, I just felt like sharing my methods of coping with depression (which surprisingly works for me most of the time), the main thing needed to try and cope is to give yourself a DISTRACTION, something that could stimulate your mind, like for me, I have always loved playing Video Games, and it's because of these gems, I learnt how to have fun while at the same time, I take all the negativity and frustration out when I'm gaming, like for example, right now I am playing God of War on the PS3 and Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core on the PSP, it's always so nice to also find a game character I could try and relate to (as nerdy as that just sounded) and join in the epic adventures. Thanks to all this, I took up gaming as a hobby and pretty much turned into a hardcore gamer!
    This also may seem so backwards but I actually study hard as a means of a distraction and it worked for me because the subject I study at the moment is Biochemistry and I spend a few hours trying to stimulate my mind and wrap my head around such a complex subject, it's always a very good challenge! On top of that, I actually have a passion for what I do at University and that really is a huge achievement for me despite everything that I have ever been through!
    So please guys, feel free to share your methods of coping, I would love to hear from you all! ^.^v
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    Hi there, I cope with depression by doing regular exercise everyday and it does me a lot. It also Helping me in recovery very day and help me to achieve my promise.
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    At different times I've used different things, but I think most of them would fall under the "distraction" category - which I think is a very good term for it and a great method. Video games has certainly been a primary one for me for a long time. Playing music has also been a good release for me at times over the years.

    I've said it on here many times before, but I'll say it again. The most effective idea I've used to help myself through times of deep depression has been to remove as many things as possible from my life that "complicate" things. If this means talking less to a family member or friend - do it. If it means you stop reading the news - do it. If it means you throw away everything in your possession that triggers you - do it. Sometimes it's not possible to avoid things or people, but every little thing you can do to help yourself makes a big difference in the long run.

    I also find that helping others in need, whether it be through volunteering or financially or just being there for someone, can also be something that helps me cope.
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    I laugh! I keep on laughing because it's the only way for me to keep it serious without getting disappointed.
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    Personally, i print out "words of wisdom" then post them all over my room.............. I am actually running out of wall space at the moment lol, but i feel that i really need it ........

    Things to be grateful for (to counter discontentment)
    What i like about myself (to counter low self esteem)
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    Funny- SF IS my distraction. Is my place to go to get away from regular things for a bit - to interact with people in a different way (which doe snot happen much in real life) and to reads about other people's issue instead of just my own. In addition, in trying to figure out answers or solutions for other people, lots of times I stumble upon an answer for one of my own problems that I would never see if not looking at it from a different perspective.
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    hi there, I suffer with severe anxiety and depression. I usually find my ways of coping in listening to some of my favourite up beat music and visiting places away from home :D I enjoy adventure!
  8. SA1PAN

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    Videogames, drugs, music, gym.
  9. Petal

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    I can relate to that. I feel much more comfortable outside the village 'cos there are people here that I hate with a passion. And music lifts me up too. Another thing is simply just writing out my thoughts, it does help just to get it off my chest.

    Also for coping, talking to my sister helps but sometimes she can be unsympathetic which is a bit unfair as I go out of my way to be nice but she's the most supportive as well, she just doesn't understand me fully and I don't think she ever will.
  10. perks16

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    video games, music sports.
  11. lachrymose27

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    lately its been games, sleep, and browsing and shopping for stuff. i work almost everyday it so that helps it somewhat. but i still get so down during on the job.
  12. Poowy

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    Interesting topic. When my boyfriend feels really bad, he feels nothing, and don't want to do anything. I'm trying to suggest some things, but he just don't want to do anything.

    Should I "force" him a little? I'm thinking it's better to force him to do something, because it better than doing anything.

    I tried showing him an funny show. Even if he don't really appreciate it, it help to pass time, and those show help to not think. That solution also work for me. When I'm feel depressed, I can't do anything that I like. So watching show like this, that I don't really care about helps. Maybe we can establish a list a show like that.

    Here a few show that I'm thinking about :
    - How I met your mother
    - The big bang theory
    - Friends
    - Malcom in the middle
    - Scrubs
    - Alf

    If you have any suggestion, I would be happy to hear them.

    I'm also thinking a sport as an alternative, as I could read in this topic. I hope he will accept that. I have to think of a sport that could be done easily (I'm also open to suggestion).