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What Are Your Self Care Goals?

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Freya, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. SinisterKid

    SinisterKid We either find a way, or make one. SF Supporter

    Never lay in bed all day.
    Never sleep during the day.
    Exercise more.
    Eat less.
    Find alternative ways to fill my days.
    Leave the house more.
  2. ghostangelcake7

    ghostangelcake7 Well-Known Member

    My new self care goals (not all but some of them)

    ~Make a doctors appointment
    ~refine my diet and significantly lower intake of sugar and dairy completely and never drink, especially alone..
    ~pursue activities I enjoy that I do on my own free will (already got volunteer going, just about maintaining it).
    ~Find a job that I can enjoy and get growth out of along with a new source of income (this is a goal that will take some searching and preparation)
    ~Save money every month to put away for emergencies
    ~Stop looking at my life through a negative filter and challenge my assumptions.
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  3. Frances M

    Frances M Mountain Woman

    My self care has drastically improved. I no longer need to worry about hygiene but I remember going many days without showering or brushing my teeth.

    Now I take care of my nutrition by
    - drinking enough water
    - taking vitamins
    - taking my herbal remedies (since I just gave up the Prozac again)
    - having a small meal and a good healthy dinner

    My emotions are what need my full attention these days so I self-care by
    - prayer and meditation
    - being outside daily (either walking in the woods or sitting on my porch)
    - reading and writing
    - doing hobbies
    - keeping busy with my pets
    - self-therapy

    Keeping my dreams alive by
    - sticking to my budget to pay back my debts
    - "paying myself first" by putting money away each payday to save for a down payment
    - looking at properties and considering areas where I'd like to settle down
    - learning about homesteading and taking care of a house without having to hire people
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  4. Niantiel

    Niantiel Active Member

    Regulate a sleeping schedule.
    Start talking walks at night again to help lose the weight I've gained since I've been out of work.
    Find more work so I can have more money and stabilize myself again.
    Minimize and/or eliminate people who negatively effect me.
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  5. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    -eat healthier by cutting out silly sweets and sugars
    -sleep instead of waking up and eating
    -figure out a excerise regimen that would work great with my health issues
    -try to sleep without blankets to get my body to burn more while I'm sleeping
  6. Standingbear

    Standingbear Member

    Wash my cloths.more often.Tend to wear the same thing every day..day in day out.
    Exercise.. I get zero now..
    Eat better. Have started on this
    Clean my house... Looks like a trash pit.. and causes a lot of my self worthlessness
    Keep the house clean..
    Remember to eat..
  7. LifeLikeASong

    LifeLikeASong New Member

    I'd like to be able to
    1. Shower at least once a day
    2. Regularly do my laundry
    3. RemeMeer to trim my beard and clip finger nails
    4. Workout 4 days a week
    5. Run 4 days a week
    6. Eat more than once a day
    7. Stop forgetting to eat.
    8. Get my weight to 165.
  8. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I like to say.

    1. Apologise for the hurt I caused everyday
    2. The Impossible Promise.
    3. Help others who are hurting without judging.
  9. dustin

    dustin Banned Member

    Wash my clothes, clean my living space. Brush teeth, Shower, honestly when I am in the depths of depression I am a pretty disgusting person.

    My floors are covered in trash. A fly showed up, I named him peter. I just let him sit on my arm because I can't be bothered to swat him or clean up. He's going to die of old age soon, it's been a few weeks and he is still here.
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  10. Flying Fox

    Flying Fox SF Supporter

    Stop being a hermit and actually contact others
    Sleep on a regular schedule
    Eat healthy
    Brush my teeth and wear pajamas instead of wearing sweaters
    Be more forgiving towards myself
    Be more disciplined
    Follow through with appointments, assignments and replies in a timely manner
    Make an exercise regime
    Taking care of my type one diabetes and other medical issues properly
    Take 20 mins off each day to meditate
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  11. Flaxney

    Flaxney Well-Known Member

    Walk more, sit less. Stretch every day.
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  12. Innocent Forever

    Innocent Forever Go as long as you can. And then take another step. Chat Pro SF Supporter

    Oh god. This is one thing I always feel so completely gross about. That I find self care so hard.
    I can't even keep to these goals, don't know if it's possible, but my goals for now are
    - Brush teeth once a day
    - Shower 3 times a week
  13. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    1. Protect the ones I care about.
    2. Complete the impossible promise. As promises are kept and NEVER broken.
    3. Live a life of darkness whilst earning money for the compensation fund for the third party.
    4. Try to live each day as it's my last day on life and help others in showing how remorseful I am. If I have to do the final commitment to be remorseful then so be it. I know #MyLifeMatters now everyday.
  14. Innocent Forever

    Innocent Forever Go as long as you can. And then take another step. Chat Pro SF Supporter

    Until my next therapy appointment I want to brush my teeth twice a day, at least once.
  15. memyselfand1

    memyselfand1 Well-Known Member

    1. Switch off mobile phone at least three times per week
    2. Take medication every other day as prescribed
    3. turn up and "participate" in one group per week, even if its only for ten minutes.
    4. eat more healthier
    5. quit the binge eating (aprt from on period days)
    6. exercise regularly on bike
    7. complete my ou assignments
    8 respond to messages in a timely manner and not 5 months later if can be be bothered.
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  16. memyselfand1

    memyselfand1 Well-Known Member

    1. Avoid thinking things that don't work for you: pointless distractions, cognitive behavioural therapy or positive thinking
    2. If in crisis with mental health then speak to CMHT, but don't bother with crisis team
    3. Avoid thinking that if you got a job you will be "cured" mental health doesn't work that way
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  17. 2x/infinity

    2x/infinity Member

    1. I have to say my #1 goal right know is to just jump out of bed as soon as I'm conscious,if not i lay there and wish i were dead,i beat myself up terribly, rehash every painful trauma etc and try to go back to the bliss of unconsciousness. if i can do this then i would like to:
    2. stretch ,take big mindful breaths,get blood n oxygen flowing.
    3. stay present n mindful long enough to accomplish some basic productive tasks in my day.
    4. take showers cosistantly
    5. put cute clothes on,(i do have them) maybe a little makeup
    6. clean house
    7. do laundry
    8. grocery shop/before its been 2 days since i ate
    9. get a job
    10. encourage n congratulate my self on anything
    11. get to dr
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  18. Ray_Jay

    Ray_Jay Active Member

    Hey great ideas here! If u falter, don't look back; get up and try again! My goals r 1. Eat sensibly (lost 4 kg so far in 80 days 2) walk 45 min a day. 3) get 7 or 8 hrs sleep. (Getting 5 average now). 4) make me bed, do the dishes daily. 5) get out to nature and take pics to re-live good times every week or two
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  19. awesomeautumn

    awesomeautumn Active Member

    • To take my meds
    • Get back to exercising
    • Get back in touch with friends
    • Sleep at least 8 hours
    • Eat healthy
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  20. memyselfand1

    memyselfand1 Well-Known Member

    1. Continue not eating sugar
    2. Continue not eating any junk food whatsoever
    3. Exercise regularly every day
    4. Reduce the time I am sedentary.
    5 Go to the gym and/or use exercise bike at home at least twice a week.
    6. Shower regularly
    7. Drink plenty of water.
    8. Reduce consumption of carbs
    9. Keep a blog of achievements
    10. Drink litres of fluids daily and this includes water.
    11. Eat a lot more fruit and vegetables.
    12. Take time out to chill with my dog and netflix.
    13. Avoid all daytime tv
    14. Be busy and active everyday.
    15. Lose 75/85lbs in one year.
    16. Take multivitamins daily.
    17. Drink more green tea.
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