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What Are Your Self Care Goals?

Jack D

SF Supporter
I honestly don't have any self-care goals.. I'm the type of person who really just takes things as it comes and acts on things impulsively. Perhaps that what I need to do, not act rash when I'm having a "moment".
To eat more than once every other day. I feel like I'm years of therapy from hunger being a suicide trigger, and I don't think my body can survive that.
My Self Care Goals:
  • Shower every day.
  • Go outside every day.
  • Eat at least 2 portions of fruit or vegetables each day.
Eat food, like fresh salds, fruits.
Sleep normal hours
Stop drinking every day
Quit smoking
Work more hours each day, be more productive, organized
Sleep at night -overcome fears that haunt me at night that make me stay awake.
Eat -at least one meal a day. Currently do not have appetite so not eating x 1 week.
Get out of bed -stayed in bed all day, only up to let dog out x 1 week.
Continue sobriety -currently 96 days sober.


Glad you found us!
My self care goals are...

Wake up early
Picking up after myself
Going outside everyday
Read my bible
Tending to needs of my animals
Eating breakfast and taking supplements
Not drinking alcohol
Making effort to look presentable when I go out in public ie. Makeup, hair, unwrinkled clothes
Listening to music
Keeping my appointments when I don't want to and making myself get to them on time
Vaping weed as my medication
Exercising daily ie. Jog, ride my horse, stretching

That's it for now! This list has grown exponentially these last months! Kudos Elizabeth, good job!

Oh ya, and being nicer to myself in my thought life


Well-Known Member
Mine is to stay fit and healthy. I don't want to be one of these mums that can't run around and play with there children because they get out of breath or struggle. Plus I want them to stay healthy so me being healthy makes me a good role model to them.
  • Shower every day.
  • Go outside every day.
  • Eat...vegetables...
Precisely. I’m as hairy as a Neanderthal and smell like one, too, a carnivore who’s missed the news that green plants with their colorful fruit are edible. I’ve spent wads of time sequestered in my cave as well. (These fellas were intelligent people, just a bit short on piped natural gas, lacking the hot water heaters and furnaces we take for granted, and living an Ice Age northern climate to boot.) While my diet could use an American Heart Association upgrade, on a sunny note, I did go outdoors every day since released from hospital August 23. I’m headed to my first post-discharge seminar this afternoon.

I dunno. A lot happens in 53 years,. So much of it seems like a dream now, as if I’m not sure it really happened. Elements of my story are in the Welcome forum, dated Aug. 29 1208UT. (The forum computer forbids posting a link to it; by November it should lie buried.)

Then we have the lies littering my life from circa 1973 forward. Hence I haven’t been too honest here, just philosophical, except I’m likely to become a chronic pain patient with few treatment option due to indigency (uninsured & penniless), taking a macabre solace in the fact the well-insured spend tens of thousands searching for back/hip pain relief to no avail. Rush Limbaugh, a millionaire taking 90 hydrocodone a day to enable him to sit behind his mike telling listeners about heroin addicts’ badness. He’s had to go off narcotics, I heard, after his dosages maxed out and “paradoxical pain syndrome,” where Morpheus induces even more pain instead of offering relief, set in.

Back and hip issues are just too hard to diagnose. Sources of problems rarely shows up even on MRI or CAT scans, where the spinal column and pelvic girdle be enormously complex and, since no one dies of it, doctors throw up their hands and give sympathy words or say “deal with it.” And sitting at the computer doesn’t help.

I’m gonna try lifestyle changes. So, no more computer posting this week, just two one-hour sessions. Assuming I can self-control; I keep promising to change and then, like a dog who returns to its own vomit (Proverbs 26:11 in bible), continue bad ways and blame external circumstance for the results.

But thanks so much to all the members who dropped me a line yesterday. I’ll put up an item on my history soon—it’s not easy to write one.
Oops. I meant to edit. Now I’ve whined about this blasted bulletin board; always was a tech dinosaur from the pre-World Wide Web era. Why, I’m hip to Apple Lisa and Compuserve. Ten megabytes was a whale of a hard drive on a $3000 PC advertised in Scientific American in 1985.

Pretend the passage below isn’t there:

Elements of my story are in the Welcome forum, dated Aug. 29 1208UT. (The forum computer forbids posting a link to it; by November it should lie buried.)​

and leave it at that.


Well-Known Member
New Goals
Continue to be smoke free (use vapor).
Now the harder ones
Shower every two to three days.
Start taking small walks
Take meds even though I hate them.
Spend more time with my cat
Most important
Find a safe environment to live in.
Continue to be smoke free (use vapor)...
I like that you're quitting smoking. Substitutes aren't ideal, but hey, I used nicotine gum for 4½ years and it was hard on my teeth and circulation and blood pressure alike. Yet nothing is nearly as deadly as cigarette smoke, one of the most carcinogenic substances known to humankind. When I felt strong enough that I wouldn't go back to cigarettes, then I could think about ditching the tobacco substitute. Being smoke-free usually helps your mood, too, after the initial restlessness wears off in a few weeks. I felt so much better without the yellow tar dragging me down, and quit coughing so much. You go, girl! :):)

I need to quit procrastinating and eat a meal before I have to rush to an appointment. It's not like I didn't have all morning to do so. And I need the fuel. o_O:)

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