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What Are Your Self Care Goals?


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  • Try to sleep in a decent hour (currently I'm failing at this but last night I slept past 9 so that's something)
  • Wake up before noon.
  • Eat properly.
  • Try to keep myself optimistic, or at least my thoughts.
  • Push away any sign of negativity that either comes from the news, or the net, or from people.
  • Study properly.
  • Write something even if it's short to keep my thoughts assorted.
  • Bathe everyday properly.
  • Take my meds once a day.
  • Talk to someone here if I'm staying under the blanket for too long.
- Get some sunshine
- Write a chapter of the story I’ve been working on (for a while; depression makes it hard to write it, sometimes I don’t work on it for weeks, and other times I write multiple chapters at once. Nevertheless, it is actually progressing, even if it is slow, so I am proud of myself for that)
- Find a reasons to want to get up in the morning
- Go to bed before 12

One day

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For a few weeks now I have really tried hard to stop the negative thoughts , and inject with something positive. Some days it’s hard, but , you know... it does help. I don’t feel as awful. In fact, for the better. I’m glad , and am going to keep trying to do this.

One day

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I’m continuing to try so hard with cbt. I am refusing to harm myself today. I want to get better. I’m trying so hard. I’m trying.
When people are suicidal and depressed it is sometimes very hard to even do basic things like showering, getting dressed every day, eating properly etc.

Self care is incredibly important - it can completely change your attitude and feelings about the day and even about yourself.

What are your self care goals?
3.walk my dog everyday
4. Take my medicine
5.be nice to myself and others
7.hobbies..practice ..practice
8. Make my bed and do the dishes
9. Consistency, cut down on procrastination
10. Learn to reach out and not isolate so much ,


SF Cat Lady
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Self care goals:

1. Pills (urgh)
2. Bath
3. Dressed

these are necessary and I don't skip them unless I am really bad off

working on goals related to eating, and exercise, have already started walking whenever the weather allows and I know it makes me feel better.

Christa D

Active Member
to shower every 2 days
find a job
clean my apartment weekly
make necessary appointments
take my medications daily
get fresh air every 2-3 days

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