What are your top 10 favourite films?

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Just wondered as I am getting my DVD player back from the shop this weekend (it broke :() and am going to go on a film frenzee at the local video store.. so please help me chose some...

Mine are (in no particular order)

1 Shrek
2 Dirty Dancing
3 Shawshank Redemption
4 Girl, Interrupted
5 Requiem for a Dream
6 Shaun of the Dead
7 American Beauty
8 A Beautiful Mind
9 Sixth Sense
10 Green Mile

Tell me yours.. please :D

Jenny x
2-American History X
3-The Matrix trilogy
5-The original Star Wars trilogy
6-The Transporter
7-Jeepers Creepers
8-Monty Python and the Holy Graile
9-A Clockwork Orange
10-Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


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Plague said:
9-A Clockwork Orange
10-Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
I love these two films! If you like A Clockwork Orange I think you'd really like Requiem for a Dream... although I do warn you it's all about drugs and stuff and isn't all that pleasant!

Thanks for sharing that with me... I haven't seen Leon or Jeepers Creepers so will get them out :D

Jenny xx


1) saving private ryan
2) pearl harbour
3) we were soldiers
4) braveheart
6) windtalkers
7) goodfellas
8) u571

cant fink fo more..


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Jenny...that's a tough question!!! :) I love movies and alot of the movies I love are old movies...but let's see:

1) Now, Voyager
2) American Beauty
3) Instinct
4) Lord Of The Rings (all of them)
5) Tea With Mousolini (sp)
6) Random Harvest
7) A Night To Remember
8) Autumn Sonata
9) On The Beach (the old one)
10) Cape Fear (the old one)

And many many more!!!!!!! :D :p


1- Revolution No. 9 (about schizophrenia)
2- American History X (Neo-Nazi who changes his ways)
3- Monty Python and the Holy grail (needs no explanation)
4- Enemy At The Gates (About the battle of Stalingrad)
5- Requiem for a Dream (Drug addicts.....and stuff)
6- Dead Poets Society (eh....Kid kills himself ....very good)
7- Dead Man on Campus (when you think you want death, you don't)
8- No Man's Land (Bosnian War Film, very good)
9- Suicide Circle (Japanesse...VERY eirie)
10- The Hanging Garden (guy can see his old ghost from when he hung himself...you figure it out)


oh man, almost forgot one. "Spank the Monkey" very very messed up movie. Incest, Teen Angst, Suicide, Truckers, and Grunge, its got it all. Independent film, not graphic or anything, but a must see.


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1. Cool Hand Luke
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Schindler's List
4. Dr. Strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
5. Rain Man
6. Shawshank Redemption
7. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
8. A Clockwork Orange
9. Little Murders
10. Silence of the Lambs

and many more.


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You picked a great many movies that I love also. "Little Murders" is really rather funny and very strange...a good choice!! Also "To Kill A Mockingbird" how could I have missed that on my list!! Should have been pick your top 20


I can't think of 10 films off the top of my head, but there's seven or eight I really like, in no particular order:
1. The Shining
2. Ivans XTC (I don't know anyone who's watched it, but you should!)
3. LA Conifdential
4. Monty Python's Life of Brian
5. Donnie Darko
6. Romeo & Juliet (Don't laugh!)
7. American Beauty
8. Deliverance (Although I live in a tiny in-bred village so I don't go out in the village at night anymore :D )

I'm going to have a nosy round the video for the "requim the dream" that everyone seems to like.


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I'm not laughing. I really liked Romeo and Juliet, if its the Franco Zeferelli (sp)version. It would make onto my top 20. I had forgotten about Deliverance and The Shining. Both really good movies. I though Jack Nicolson was ideally cast in the Shining and enjoyed the Scatman in the movie as well. Really good choices. I may have to look at my top ten again and include a couple of yours.


Not sure which version of Romeo & Juliet - it's the one with Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes (mmm!) in it.

Jack Nicholson is a quality actor - I like him in "One flew over the Cuckoos Nest" aswell.


The Secret of Roan Innish
Wild At Heart
A Fish Called Wanda
The English Patient
Silence of the Lambs
Dr. Strangelove (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)
L.A. Story
Raiders of the Lost Ark


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Thanks for indulging me :D

Nozero - Requiem for a dream rocks eh. Kinda discturbing but I really like it. And Dead Poets Society, what a classic! I cried SO much when I saw that film.. O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! I will look out for Spank the Monkey for sure.

Raw/G&T - I tried watching "Dr. Strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb" but really couldn't get in to it lol. I'm sure it's a very good film (came highly recommeded from a friend at work).. but.. like.. what!? ;)

Geoffers - Do look out for Requiem for a Dream, but remember it is a very odd and rather disturbing kinda film. About drugs and well, prostitution.

Talking of highly disturbing films has anyone seen "The Audition"!?!? It's a Japanese Horror Film.. argh. :eek:

Jenny x


1-Spider-Man 2
5-LOTR:2 Towers
7-Not Without my Daughter
9-The Matrix
10-Jurassic Park


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not in order

1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Pearl Harbour
3. Saving Private Ryan
4. Lord Of The Rings (all 3)
5. The Matrix ( all 3 )
6. Behind Enemy Lines
7. Star Wars Trylogy (origional)
thats all i guess
alrite, heres my list of decent films

1. green mile
2. shawshank redemption
3. deliverence
4. gattaca
5. the shining
6. lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
7. pulp fiction
8. full metal jacket

and this is my list of dodgy b movies

1. hard to kill (steven seagal at his ermm... best)
2. speed 2 - cruise control
3.the quest (with van damme)
4. under seige 2 (mr seagal on a boat)
5.the punisher ( original version with dolph lundgren)

american leather

Greetings fellow earthlings,

Loyd Brauns top 2 list of "must see" films. In no particular order.

1. Emit Otter's Jug Band Christmas
2.The Decline of Western Civilization

I recommend watching Jug Band Christmas followed by the Decline. The two movies represent mirror images of youth. Jug Band is all about innocence and The Decline, it's exact opposite--decandence, corruption.

Loyd Braun
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