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What are your unusual habits?

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What is/are something/s unusual and quirky you do often, thats a habit?

One thing I can think of is that whenever I brush my teeth, I always leave the faucet on and run my hand through the water, I feel uncomfortable if I don't do that while brushing. Pretty weird huh?


i listen to the same songs over and over when i'm studying, it drives the neighbors crazy ;)
i have to do things an even amount of times...clapping...the amount to things i take...things like that...it just gets under my skin if its an odd number...
bite my lip till it bleeds. scratch my legs till they bleed (I also do this is my sleep). put the shower scaulding hot so it burns me really badly (not regularly. only on really bad days. which I suppose is most days. I try to avoid the shower when I feel like I might do this).

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When I read a book I run my finger along the edge of the pages, sort of flipping them a little. Sometimes people look at me funny and when I borrow a book I have to fight myself not to do it because it leaves darkened spots on the edges of the paper. Sometimes when I'm reading a book I've borrowed someone else's book I'll get one of my own to hold and do this to while I'm reading. Sometimes I do that when I'm watching TV.

I have no idea how it started, but I even do it to post-it pads at work.


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Moirae said:
i have to do things an even amount of times...clapping...the amount to things i take...things like that...it just gets under my skin if its an odd number...

:laugh: I used to do that when I was a kid. Totally understand the feeling. Try spitting, notice that you have to do it twice, then once more.


something really funny that i used to do....ok not to those that i actually did it to..but i had a huge collection of red tabs you know the little red tab on levis jeans.... i used to casually go up to the person..ok it was the 80s they were in style i would casually go up to them and snip it off with a tiny pair of scissors..i had a load of them and i loved collecting them until one day i discreetly went up to a man at a bus stop and was going to cut off his tab. and he whipped around staring at me and my scissors. he said to me that he was a police officer and he could charge me with i think assault or something needless to say my tab stealing days were over. i wish i still had them it was something i gave up when i became a "grown up"

ps...watch your red tabs in the chat or i might take up the habit.


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I have to rub my feet, my hands, my fingers on smooth, dry objects like my bed sheet, paper, my shirt countless times a day. Doing this can also calm me down when I feel nevous or bored. I'm rubbing my legs on the bed sheet right now :wink:

Mr Stewart

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I stare at people's forehead or lips/mouth/teeth when I talk to them. It's my way of avoiding eye contact without being obvious about it.

I don't feel comfortable talking on the phone unless I'm eating something. Chewing gum isn;t good enough, it has to be food.
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