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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by lifeshell, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. lifeshell

    lifeshell Member

    I'm not posting on here for a sympathy vote I just really need help in what to do next. They say suicide is the cowards way out but if its the only way out, is it cowardly? Let me explain my situation and please leave your suggestions. I left school 6 years ago with good GCSE's all A to C, not sure on what path to take in the first year I had two or three easy jobs to bring some money in and decide where I want to go in life. I went for a job as an Insurance broker, got the job and progressed over 4 years to branch manager. Whilst working there I was renting a flat but had been saving for a deposit to buy a house but in Jan 08 I had just over 10k and I got a loan for £5k, so I purchased a flat for an extortionate price compared to the current market and all was good. BUT in September 08 I was made redundant the company was in liquidation and I only received £1600 of my redundancy. In the space of 3 months I applied for 118 jobs and was unsuccessful every time, A job was becoming impossible to find. I went to the government for some support but they refused to give me any help including any benefits because I got a measly redundancy pay. That had dried up and I was in arrears on my mortgage, the place was repossessed with me not getting a penny back. I'm now in private sheltered accommodation but they can no longer keep me as I have no income i.e. benefits. In the space of a year I have lost all my savings, possessions and dignity. My only relative is 86 and in a care home so not the best person to share my problems. I've worked hard through school and after leaving school for nothing, I have spoke to people who offer advice such as citizens advice bureau, their exact words were "I don't know what to suggest". The government say they are doing all they can to help people like myself??? My next move will be on to the streets sleeping rough were things can only get worst as I’m sure finding a job in dirty clothes and smelling won’t increase my appeal. Am I a coward for wanting to end things before things get to the point of no return?
  2. cradle 2 da grave

    cradle 2 da grave New Member

    hi there, i know how you feel with the mortgage problem, i lost my job this time last year and was in arrears too so had to rent it out to have it paid for! it was borderline repossesion not too long ago.

    your not a coward for wanting a solution for a bad problem. but that solution isnt a good one. im in the uk too and know about benifits etc and by this point you should be in reciept of benifits as you have the right to them! i think you need to seek legal advice on getting benifits sorted for you until you get back on your feet. unfortunatly there are alot of people in this country with the same problem right now so council houses etc are in high demand. SERIOUSLY, GET LEGAL HELP, YOU ARE entitled to benifits and you will get them. you need to get it sorted before your on the street, ive been there and know its hell! dont wait till its too late, it will be harder to sort things from the street.

    there is always another answer to sorting things other than suicide, even although you may be feeling you have tried everything and there is no other option, THERE IS! dont give up just yet! keep your chin up, go out tomorrow and start the ball rolling. let us know how you get on too!! im in the uk aswell and may be able to help ya.

    cheers, rossco
  3. Mikeintx

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    Yes, it sounds like you should certainly be entitled to some type of additional assistence. Please don't give up :hug: You've come so far in life and should not give up as this is just a huccup in a journey that will get better shortly :)
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