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What can I do to get myself to study?

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I have a test April 7th for one of my classes. I desperately need to study, but I can't. I keep putting it off. I have all the time in the world, but I can't motivate myself to use it. It's hard to care about anything else when you feel like shit all the time. Putting those feelings in the back of my mind and paying attention to something else is just so hard anymore. Even if I do get myself to start studying, I can't concentrate on it long enough without my mind wandering. It never used to be this hard.

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set a time study maybe 10 min at first then reward yourself with a treat then set time for 20 then take another break reward yourself again study small time periods okay that way you are not overwhelmed


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Too many distractions these days versus when I was growing up, no computers, cell phones, etc. Was easier though it didn't help me, always found an excuse too. If I were either one of you would leave home to study and leave the distractions behind, perhaps going to a library or a quiet coffee shop.:shelbi:


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I gotta say that I'm in the same rut as you! I even think it's starting to become a habit, oh man. Removing all distractions such as electronics and what not would probably be the best option. Cafe or library would also work well if you're up to commuting there.
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