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What can I do?

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Hi rang my sister up earlier, just for a chat, nothing unsual about that, then she hits me with it." I have cut and I have taken an overdose. "( I understand as I do, but then she never has and doesnt know I do)

What am I to do!!!! She won't let me call an ambulance and said if I did she would send them away and tell them it was a hoax call.

I feel so sick, I am numb and can't stop crying.

Nothing has been seen to be a problem in the past so it has hit with a bang. I know that I am not mentally well, but was working to help myself but I dont know how much I can take. I am shaking so much.
Ring the police, they could presumably gain force of entry, and ambulance?

Tell them that no matter what she says to them, she is intent on taking her life?

:hug: :hug: Try to take a few deep breaths :)


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I hate to sound harsh, but if she's taken an overdose I suggest you phone an ambulance regardless of her saying 'I'll tell them to go away''. IF she didn't actually take an overdose then I think she has serious issues and needs urgent help anyway.


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I agree with Ruby. Just remember that if she sends them away, you've done all you can do. I know that's hard to keep in mind, but there's only so much you can do. It's up to her to want help.


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Thankyou for your responses, I rang the police and they went round. They managed to get in and nearly as soon as the police got there so did an ambulance.

Thankyou so much, my head was a mess I couldn't think straight. She is in intensive care, she was very intent in doing it.

I just needed to come and thankyou for your help.
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