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What can i do?

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ive been trying to stop giving myself frostbite, i had made it 10 days, but i lost it yesterday... how can i cope? :blub: dont answer that.

I am frustrated because i feel like nobody will let me be me, not even on here, i try to post poems, but that doesnt help. Im losing the two friends who i can confide in, and lost another because she lied to me and said she had cancer.

I lost a friend on here, because she gets frustrated, and then i make her mad, i promised her i would stay away... i wish i had not, but i must keep it, so i frostbit.

if my mother sees the frostbite she will send me away, im so scared of that. I dont want to be in this house, but being sent away can be worse. Im missing my friends on here, where did they all go? i feel so alone, i feel so down

im not even suicidal right now, but i want to be, id rather be then feel this helpless, then at least i could have the opstin, right now i just want to cry, but i can, and i wont. I dont understand anymore, how can i expect any of you to.

Im rediculous, stupid.
forget it
how can she, how dare she, she tries to die, i find out a month later, not even from her, how dare she, cant she see the pain would be lesser if she would have told me. Now it is time, im at wits end, at least now the suicidal feelings have come. i will find a way.
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