What could have made a difference? YOU!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by RySp123, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Life sucks BIG TIME ' at times '. Someone said that each of us is a walking book and should be left down in heritage to future generation. Anyone knows the author? Anyway, I dont like missing books either they are good, intesting, boring as heck or else. If you are decided to go through with it, why not leave here something of that book (you) as heritage to those that will pass by in the future? Who knows what impact your words might have or help it might just give to another?

    I'd invite each and every one of you to write a short 'biography' type thing and make a collection of the best sharing human warmth and compassional ever shown in history?

    Lets show this this sucking world that even if spoilt and doomed as societies, as specie some of this specie still has something that has been passed down ; HUMANITY, emotions, feelings, Love, caring, pain, hurting, scars, tears, give a loud voice to who you are and what brought you to become what-who you feel you are today.

    TEACH that freaking world where they screwed up..... HOW they could have made a difference! They failed us but we can teach some ignorants learn something that might help in turn to make a difference for another if they bother listening. Lets give answers to survivors and families. Lets not die in anonimity.

    Many factors, people have tried and still try to crush us like warms under their feet not only to destroy our body but our very own soul but that wont happen..... they can crush the body as much as their sick minds-ways can think of but one thing is OURS and none can touch it....... LETS SHOW THEM THAT OUR HUMANITY remains OURS and that this SUPER VALUE wont die coz of them nor with us.
  2. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    My time is about up so since I have no more tasks left, all is accomplished, may as well dedicate my last words here and may it benefit someone some day. Meds are wearing off so time's up for now but will come bak later. In the meantime if someone wants to share, I'd appreciate your words..... NOT for the sake of me but in sharing where and what could have made a difference might just be what will save another one's life.

    Speak out guys, gals...... here's your chance!

    Thanks to those that will care to educate even if only ONE person in this sucking world we live in.
  3. w/e your thinking please give it more though....life no matter how shitty is a gift... if you need an ear im here
  4. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Thanks babe but no thanks. Maybe if I was younger it would matter or be worth even a thought but not anymore. I'll leave some room for the next generation to fight for survival.

    All I am asking and not even for me if you do understand the post, is to share what YOU ALL need or feel would make a difference to ' YOU ' .... some listening from parents? be told you are Loved or needed? That you count for someone? That you are valued or what.......? Someone to show you tlc? Tell me what could or has made a difference to you if you are out of the 'suicidal thought' and if you still thinking about it, what could have a positive impact or help you out? do you even know? give it a thought or two....

    "NOT for the sake of me but in sharing where and what could have made a difference ." might just be what will save another one's life."

    People coming here are suicidals, depressed but also relatives and friends of those suicials, depressed and survivors so it might help them... dont undervalue the weight of some words as simple they might be or seem.

    As for me I am in peace with myself. Trying my best to share that peace with the few near me in these last moments so to leave a good feeling no matter how I'll be leaving this time frame. They will know that no matter what they could have said or done at this point would have been pointless.
    Priceless at some point but worthless now. Don't know if you make any sense of what am saying but oh well...... am I ever tired :insomnia: and :ill:

    take care of yourself hun :hug:
  5. Trip the Dark fantastic

    Trip the Dark fantastic Well-Known Member

    Endinday, I am enthusiastic about your idea. What a noble idea, born out the need of finding distilled water to a burning question. I love big ideas and that's why I would make a fanatical follower in your quest, of purifying the ultimate truth out of the misery of mankind...I wish I could believe, I wish I would be a disciple of the book of ultimate truth's....alas I can't and I'm not.

    In Douglas Adams novel 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' the 'Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything' took 7 1/2 million years to compute and was ...'42'!!

    And here lies the dilemma. For an mathematician this answer may even make some kind of sense...maybe s/he is relating it to prime numbers in the infinity, maybe to the cosmic background radiation noise....for me??? This number is part of a, now defunct e-mail address....

    That what makes a difference, is also that what differs us from each other. My experience will never be same as someone else's and therefore, a solution to a problem will not work the same way. What helped me, in times of crisis is not transferable to others. Sure, there are those who discover similarities and deduct from that whatever they want to interpret into it, but clearly, as much as I represent one single human, one tiny spirit amongst the pale background of humankind, I am fiercely different from everybody else.

    My mental wikipedia contains entries to answers, the world and for that matter anybody in it has never formulated question to and never will.

    I believe therefore, that any collection of the best answers, the warmest advice, the most sincere suggestions to deal with ones life is nothing but unedited sentences waiting to be put into a self-help book, religious book, etc... bound and distributed to those of us, who believe there must be my one answer to my one life....and being utterly disappointed to find out, on opening the reductionist booklet delivered to your doorstep, it contains the number '42' !!!

    I so wish, I would have an answer as to what saves another one's life, believe me. But I'm still only halfway through my 7 1/2 million year journey, to find out what will save my own life... Only I will know...

    The best I can hope for in these circumstances, is being inspired by what people write, sieving through myriads of somebody else's life's little moments.

    My glimmer of hope? I have been separating dusk from dawn throughout my life and just because I'm confronted with the impossibility of a task, I wont give up chasing the precise millisecond night turns into day...

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  6. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Glad you left sometin of yours. Thank you. Anyone else wishes to leave a clue as to what might make a difference in your life? If you could clearly tell a person, people around you " I NEED THIS...... I NEED YOU TO TELL ME ....." "I WOULD HAVE LIKE....." "IF ONLY........." What would it be?

    "You are not alone in this fight." "The feeling I was not fighting this war alone."
    "I am here for and with you!" "You're not alone, together we'll come to term..."
    "To recognize one is hurting and show you do understand just not act-behave as if
    nothiing is wrong leaving the sufferer the feeling to be an outcast-left to itself...ecc
    whatever that shows one is not battling alone to survive (mental-physical illnesses)

    What would make a difference?

    To me? Will share before taking my leave. Just not yet though....... so till then you re welcome to share if you like......
  7. weirdal

    weirdal Forum Buddy

    a differnce in my life

    i want to feel love,i have never felt love, from anyone, and that hurts so much, im only 14 but ive had to turn to some drastic measures to keep myself sane, smoking drinking cutting and smoking cannabis and binge eating, those are the things where i get my love from and its a shame, my parents dont know what there doing to me.

    so i ask, if you are a parent, think of your kids, and make damn sure you show them love, becasue it gets me down when i see all my friends happily with their family, that gets me so much,

    so please anyone and everyone show love to you family, to yoru friends, becasue love can save someone from everything, i just wish id have had a chance to feel it


  8. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    :hug: Well done! I wish I had a hundred kids of my own just to give them what you so badly need... and know that it is not taken for granted.

    You are a great person and pray for you that one day soon they wake up from their lethargy and realize all that they are missing and thus before
    they live to regret it.

    I bow to you for having the courage to say out loud what your need is, what's so badly missing in your life. Hope others will follow your example.

    Hang in there weirdal! You have a lot to offer and teach. :hug:
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