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What did everyone use to use as excuses?

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"Eating makes me sick," which it does, but the excuse stopped working when my hands would shake and I started passing out.
I'm usually, always ""full"" . Or i say, ''oh i just ate''
I left my boyfriend because of it.

he was constantly going out to dine, wine and such, and i gained like 5 pounds staying at his house.
So i decided to end the relationship before taking things to next step and turning myself into a disgusting whale.

Oh well, now I usually fast, restric, or coffee, and dry cereal.
I need to lose 10 however.


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That's too bad, that your ED was such a big factor in your decision to end the relationship. Was he supportive of your problems with eating?


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I mostly use the old "I just ate" or "I'm not hungry" approach as well, but seeing as I'm a big boy now, I'm not restricted to having to eat at a certain time (brekky, lunch, tea etc).
Besides, I never was all that comfortable on eating in front of other people, so pretty much all of my meals I eat alone, with the exception if 'wining and dining'.


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I blame it on the side effects of my medication now (Zoloft).
Prior to that I'd eat a low-calorie snack before meals and then claim that I was mostly full before I started eating.
I also use the diet excuse. It works well since I need to lose 10 to 20 lbs. I'm currently at 120.
As you know, it is best to not make these excuses as they are only going to hurt you...please talk to someone who can guide you to require these excuses less as you deserve to feel better and to be able to eat in a healthy manner...I truly know how difficult this is as I have had ED since I was a child


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I just say "Lately I enjoy starving myself" on a funny tone of voice, and people seem to find it funny. Ain't that funny? :biggrin:
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