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What did I do to deserve all these?

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I've just had enough. I'm tired of acting kind and pretending that everything is fine when in fact I am not and never will be. I'm tired of feeling guilty all the time. I feel like I'm slowly tearing myself apart. I just want it all to end. I don't want to feel anything anymore. I'm so tired of feeling guilty all the time. :blub:


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You got nothing to feel guilty about - depression plays that trick - makes a saint feel guilty as any small detail is magnified a million-fold!

Sorry to see you feel this way - feel free to chat with me any-time - you know I always got time for you.
Hey, peacelovingguy. Thanks for the time you spend talking to me. I guess I'm really too depressed that's why I feel all these. Tell me, what makes one suffer depression? I'm always having a hard time identifying if I'm depressed because at other points in my life, I see myself seeming to have no troubles at all.
what makes one suffer depression? It's a chemical change in the brain - it is an illness -there is no rhyme or reason for it - and we shouldn't feel guilty when it does come on strong.


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We don't know what causes depression really - we got ideas but nobody can stand up and say "Here is the scientific proof"

Some people have a past which has allowed depression more of a chance to become a real problem.

Others like me - we just have some tendency to feel down - maybe I'm more sensitive than some - maybe having depression made me that way.

But - I think a lot of depression comes when we kind of backslide and allow ourselves too much time to think about ourselves. Comes to a point were - going for a walk would be much better! Or - pick up that guitar!

And your a young woman with your own dynamics going on. I dare-say that without depression you'd likely find yourself a nice young man - to rule over! Well you are quite young - there is no rush there but for most women the future will generally entail meeting someone, getting married - having a few children.

But - we don't want to jump into that! I'm 47 and still cautious! Well - I don't want to make a bad mistake this late in life - I'm too loyal and would hang on in to the bitter end - if indeed it went bitter!

And Hey! Cheer up if your single! You think your lonely now? Ask some married people about how you can be next to someone and a million miles away!

Well - you are 'lucky' in that your studying - and working for a few years would be a good thing for you. I guess you might be a bit shy - as well as having some social anxiety with depression. Well make sure you do not put yourself down! Too many people do that and its unfair on yourself and others - as I am sure you'd be a great addition to any workplace -you'd make a good friend and whatever other roles you fall into you'll be good at them.

Anyhow - chat with me any-time - I got a few social networking programmes and can install any you are already used to.

Sorry to see you so down - its just a glitch - don't ruminate on it - and sing me a sad song and I'll try to make it better!


Its quite sunny here - so hope a bi of the sunshine heads your way.

Try to get out each day also - I think you do but we can talk about that.

PM me anytime.
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