What did I do?

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I moved here six months ago to be closer to you (my sister & mom). I needed support just the same as you do.
I have done so much for your wedding & your new baby (sister).
I listen to all your problems when ever I am around.
Yet when I want to talk you ignore me. If I need to borrow just one dollar you say no way. I have given you all my time, energy and money to you.
What have I done that is so bad.
Why do you hate me so much.
Am I worthless to you.
Do you want to see me leave. How does a mother not love there own daughter and how does a sister hate her own sister?
You two are the reasons why I want to give up. I have never had a family to go to growing up, and now I thought I did and you don't even care that I exist.
You even talk down to me on how I dress and how I look. Do you just want to me to drop off the face of the earth will that make you feel better.
Oh and I hate San Diego. Everyone here is rude and materialistic. I would like to just meet a couple of people for friends. But I seem to not be good enough.

Just a little background on my family. The last time I saw my sister and mom was when I was 4 years old. Ten years ago I was reunited with them. Six months ago I moved closer to be with them. Now they make me feel like I am some horrible person.
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I am sorry to hear that you feel like your mom doesn't love you and your sister hates you.
I hope things will change for the better.



Me too, it just feels better to get it out in the open. Even though I have already told them how I feel, which they think I am crazy.
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