What distracts you when you have the urge???

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by ~Claire, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    I was (& still am I guess) quite pleased that I hadn't cut myself in a few months.

    I thought I had managed to keep my urges under control...apparently not though. I have pulled my hair out for years, I used to put it down to boredom but as it turns out anytime I am anxious or getting the urge to cut I pull my hair out even more so than I usually would.

    As a result I now have a very noticeable bald spot :shy: & I know I am being extremely vain here but it makes me want to start cutting again. At least nobody can see my scars but how the hell do you explain a big bald spot :unsure:

    So now I am looking for any distraction techniques to stop me pulling my hair & quite possibly cutting too. I have already tried the ice cubes & elastic bands without much success :sad: so any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Thank you :hug:
  2. ecorg911

    ecorg911 Active Member

    Hey, I have no prior issues with matters such as these, although a fair few of my friends have. I beleive there are many alternatives, chanelling you anger, depression or pain can be and IS extremley hard to do.

    Just a few examples of positive approaches to "helping the problem" are:

    Playing sports (energy intensive)
    Stress balls
    Writing you emotions down on paper, e.g. poetry etc.

    Although in my opinion the only way to stop it, is to defeat the source that is upsetting / depressing / causing you pain in the first place.

    Temporary relieve can be effective in the short term, although not in the in long run.

    Hope this helps :), As I say I have had no direct exp. with this topic. So take care :)

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