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    My wife told me last night she wanted a divorce. Not the first time and the last few weeks have been terribly painful as I knew it was coming. She left a month or so ago to go overseas for work for a couple months. It's been extremely difficult trying to talk to her lately and I knew she was avoiding me. The truth finally came out last night and I'm absolutely devastated. Now I'm left here to take care of the kids and house until she gets back when I'll have to leave. I already have one child support payment that takes half my income and now I have to find a way to survive after paying 2? So I get to lose everything I love. I've got to find a way to rebuild my life knowing my family is gone while not earning enough to even cover rent let alone food, car/gas, utilities, etc. I have so completely invested myself in my family that I don't even have any real friends. I have no idea what I'm going to do and I don't really see a real solution. I'm in therapy and on meds. I've been hospitalized twice in my life for this and I'm well aware they can't offer me anything. I can't leave the area because my job is one of those where it's illegal to walk away from. I need help.
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    I am sorry for you for having to face the pain of a divorce but all of the rest of that is a matter yet to be determined. She is the one that is away and wants a divorce- that does not mean she returns and sends you packing - simply tell her if she wants a divorce then ask when she will be picking up her clothes for her to leave. The same with the children- apparently her job requires travel so why would it be foregone conclusion that she will take the kids and leave you to just pay child support? You can take primary custody of the children instead and she can pay support instead. While i have no idea what you WANT to happen or what the details of the situation are that effect these things, the point is the pain of the impending divorce is causing you to race ahead to future outcomes that are not decided and set in stone and that instead actions on your part now can greatly influence the outcome of. So far as the paying for supporting children, it is largely irrelevant where they are, they should be supported so it is more a matter of arriving at an outcome that is best for the children and you. Please take the time to consider the options available to improve the likelihood of an acceptable outcome and through action instead of worry and dread you can help stave off the depression as well.

    Take Care and Be Safe

    - Ben
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