what do I do with life

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  1. Oceans

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    I don't know what to do with my life. Life seems so meaningless and never seems to end. Do we just eat, sleep, wake and do something in between. Does anything matter anymore. Does my life mean anything or am I just wasting and polluting our environment. I'm sick of life. Are we allowed to throw our life away when we don't want it. How can one live a life they do not want and hope that there time is up so one does not have to continually face this world. I want to let go of life so I may rest in peace. why is Rest In Peace a familiar phrase placed on tomb stones of the dead. Can one only rest when we are no longer conscious of our present in this world.
  2. twilightki

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    We always have the choice to end our lives, but we always have the choice to change it. Ending your life will do nothing. When you're dead, you're gone. You can make the choice, right now, to change it, to do anything. The choice to be strong through moments of pain is a choice you will never regret. I haven't.

    As for what the point of life is, that's up to you to decide. That's the beauty of it. Theres no one telling us what to do, we walk our own paths. Hope things get better my friend.:biggrin:
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    I often feel the same way almost everyday and have for many years now. I know exactly how you feel. But this world was a beautiful place once, before sin had braught ruin apon it. We are living in a junkyard. But have faith in Jesus Christ, ask him for endurence. I know your tired, I'm tired too. But call upon God when you are burdened and He will give you rest. Trust me it works. There's no need ot kill yourself. Just be patient and wait for His Son to bring all of those who dwell in Christ to His Heavenly Kingdom forever. Don't risk your salvation by killing yourself. If you think you're miserable now....eternity Hell is a loooong time. Just wait for Christ, and try to bring others to him. Your life on this earth is only but so long, but Heaven or Hell is eternal. Just hold on, Christ will come for you.