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    my head is swimming with thoughts. random thoughts. crap with work. reasons that i dont understand. i dont know what to do about my job. i love what i do but know i cant go anywhere with it. just stuck doing what i do. its driving me mad that some doppy moo that i work with - who has been there 5months is now taking more money than me. but im the one following behind sorting out all the mess she and others create. im always the follower and not the leader. i kinda like it that way sometimes.

    i mean i love my job. me and my assistant manager are getting on ok. arsing around with things and playing with cameras - working together well.

    There is one person that everyone seems to love but i dont know what to think. i feel pushed out and that im not a part of it all anymore. im starting to think enough is enough.

    been looking around for a job and whenever i do - i dunno - just want to cry. dont know if i should. dont know if it is time to. its as if the 4 years ive spent working there will be totally wasted. i know my boss wont be happy me leaving but can i only cope with a couple of reasons to stay?

    i think im stressed. i dont have any motivation to do anything. am weak all the time and my eating habits are all over. just want to curl up and never wake up. or have someone plan my life out for me so i dont have to.

    im sick of work but i love it
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    someone that cant even say digital is selling more cameras than me! it isnt digical ffs
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    Don't let it get to you Clare. :hug:
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    :hug: clare
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    :hug: Clare